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    Rant Alert.

    Yesterday I was watching the news on BBC and I saw a tearful Gareth Thomas telling the world he has HIV. At first I couldnt understand  what the fuss was about because he said he was having treatment and was now UD (undectable thats when the virus count in your blood is so low that it cant be counted and you cannot infect anyone else) then I read the extended story online and it turns out that he has told the world about this because he was being threatend by nasty little slimeballs who said they were going to expose him to the world.

    Just what the hell has his medical status got to do with anyone except his doctor his partner and himself?

    To everyone reading this, would you like it if some scumbag put your medical dossier online for people to gossip over and judge you?

    That boil you had in a sensitive place, that time you had a personal itch, the time you told your doctor you wanted an abortion, or needed to see a  psychotherapist, would you be happy to see all of that spread out in the newspapers for the world to see….I guess not.

    Medical privacy is just that, its private and  HIV is a virus, its not a lifestyle judgement or punishment or a gay problem it doesnt care who you are or what you are its just a virus.

    In fact people who do have HIV have more reason to be worried about people who dont have it giving them something nasty than the other way around because  this virus weakens the immune system so that your plain cold could become something much worse for someone with HIV .

    In times gone by society cast out lepers they were made to walk the streets with a bell signalling their approach they were considered unclean and sinful and they were  often accused of sexual deviancy it seems that except from the bell much the same could be said of societies atttude toward HIV these days.

    Isnt it time we stopped judging someone because they are infected and start judging those who would use that illness as a weapon to hurt or shame a person?



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    I know exactly what you’re saying, cassandra. Having people pry into others personal business drives me up the wall. It is NO ONE’S business what a person – famous or not – is going through or what they’re feeling, or their bank balance or how even they live.

    I’d tell them very clearly: get your nose OUT of my business and never pry again. I write this because some people come into some money and suddenly everyone is concerned about their problems and feelings. I realize this sounds odd, but I hate people caring about how I feel. If I’m hurt, I’m hurt. But they aren’t concerned out of caring: they want the upperhand.

    Money does not mean others have the right to interfere in anyone’s business. Again, this drives me up the wall.

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    Not prying is one of the reasons I dont buy womens mags I cant stand all those nasty paperazzi long lens photos of people in private moments. Its wrong. If you or I took photos through our nieghbours bedroom window we would be arrested as perverts yet when its a journalist doing it to a famous person it gets into the papers or mags and people pay money to be a sort of secondhand vouyer.

    My motto, if I wouldnt like it done to me I dont do it to anyone else..


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    I feel sad for the poorer, more ordinary people in this. They can be pushed out of their homes, or to suicide by hounding from the press or neighbours for some of these things with little money or ready help. I suppose it is really no different though. We are all human, whether rich or poor. I know, from life, that everyone has their fears. It enables me to understand and really take little notice when someone’s fears are revealed. In fact it has the opposite effect – I see them as being people.

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    I agree,  SpinningJen: we are all human, whether rich or poor. And just because someone has reporters outside their door, does not make them super-human.

    As for what people talk about, we can’t control. But often issues are no one’s business. I mean, I wouldn’t announce on Twitter my mental health. I wouldn’t go on a talk show telling the audience about my feelings. It just wouldn’t happen.

    Some people should stop prying and get a life.


    I agree about not prying, there has been another story which has come out in a ‘newspaper'( a vile rag which is little more than printed toilet paper imo).  The story is a family tragedy which happened over 30 years ago and now the family has been doorstepped by reporters and old wounds have been ripped open again causing pain and trauma for the family all over again.


    My thoughts , each and every person who buys the magazines or papers who print this invasive non news that is private and nothing to do with the sportspersons or actors role in society  is guilty of secondhand vouyerism anyone paying to read this garbage is  paying the wages of these dispicable nosy parkers who are causing terrible sadness to people in a bid to fill their sad little rag.


    Yet another reason for me not to buy a newspaper or womens gossip magazine.

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    I’ve always steered clear of women’s gossip magazines: they aren’t my cup of tea at all. I don’t buy newspapers, either. However, I do enjoy reading “Good Housekeeping” magazine every month. I used to read all the monthly women’s magazines, though: Marie Claire/Cosmopolitan/Red/Glamour/Woman & Home/Good housekeeping/Company. As a teenager, it was Just 17, Cosmo Girl and Sugar. I loved those magazines. But – as an older person – I don’t anymore. Still, I wil always have a soft spot for publications.

    But you’re right about gossip magazines: they can be bitchy and aren’t for me. I guess because I don’t spread gossip and am never malicious like that. Some things should remain private: not splashed all over magazines. Especially for people who never asked for exposure.

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