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Why are college students complaining about nudity?

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    I can’t believe this!


    College students complaining about nudity and “skinny dipping”?

    When did fun become outlawed? When I was in high school and college most girls wanted to push the boundaries! Most girls wanted to be cheerleaders!

    What happened?


    Skinny dipping was something I did a few times, when I was that sort of age, so I don’t understand why the prudishness, either!

    I have some very funny memories of such times. One time, on holiday, a female friend and I went skinny-dipping with our boyfriends, got out before they did, stole their clothes, ran off (keeping our flip-flops off and running back in our bare feet, so that they couldn’t catch up with us!), leaving them to walk back to the house we were staying in, naked, locking them out for a bit when they got back, for good measure!

    Fun times!


    I can’t say why today’s youth are so prudish.  Like Trufflegirl, I had gone skinny-dipping with my cousins (male and female) in Germany.   I’ve also gone as an adult.  I just finished reading this article on CNN:  A snowy hot springs where clothing is optional after dark.

    Steamboat Springs is one of my favorite places on earth.  I’ve never been there in the winter time, since the town is crawling with skiers.  Hubby and I try to make it there once a year during the other seasons.  I’ve visited Strawberry Park Hot Springs many times and even partook in after-dark skinny-dipping a couple of times.  It’s quite liberating.  🙂

    We have many clothing-optional hot springs in Colorado…even during daylight hours.


    It’s not something I have done for years now, but at least for many, a natural, even intinctive, thing to down particularly amongst teenagers. Obviously it would likely create offense on a crowded beach but I find it amusing in quieter places. Perhaps a little jealous even, a part of me wishing to join in.


    I hate to say it but I think many people are aware of the ‘me too’ influences which mean if a guy so much as glances in a way that could be considered pervy he is likely to be labled a sex offender.

    The days of shrugging off a sly pinch or what we called WHS , (wandering hand syndrome)  have gone and in its place there is a society just waiting to make victims and predators out of everyone.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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