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Why are commercials showing mixed race couples?

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    I’ve noticed lately that more and more TV commercials are showing mixed race couples. The most egregious even show a negro man and a woman in bed together, implying of course that this is right. This offends me. Obviously this can lead to mixed marriages and then the inevitable result of this union, a mixed race baby, who will face a lifetime of rejection from both races. Certainly there are sufficient actors of both races that they can be paired up appropriately.


    A complicated subject, and I do think the government guidlines here these days are wrong. They are resulting in reverse discrimination.

    Although I am personally against immigration of almost any form, as we are getting far too overcrowded, I would have to take exception though. In my view people are people whatever race they are. My eyes were opened many years ago when a Jamaican friend of mine asked me if there were any of his people in the area I was staying in Leicester or were they all Asian. It started seeming very silly to me and especially these days with (nominally white) Eastern European people coming here.  Where does it end?  Maybe another civil war? We cannot put back the clocks and reverse immigration. You had cheap labour, as we did, but there is no such thing as a free lunch and now we are paying the price but people deserve respect.


    If you are offended by the idea of two consulting adults enjoying a loving relationship you need to seek help .

    I have to say your attitude and comments disgust me.



    Feel free to jump in bed with a negro dear.


    I’m very disappointed by your post.  I feel you’re contributing to a harmful culture that causes real pain to people.

    When I was in elementary school, I had a friend who was a boy that I spent a lot of time talking to.  He and I were both really into Star Trek, and since most of our classmates weren’t it was something he and I could talk about together.  He was often my partner for projects and such, and we were always in the same class.  He and I went to the same high school, and for years we were in classes together and often partnered up for labs and such.  Well when I was about sixteen, I started feeling that I had an attraction to him, and I made the horrible mistake of trying to talk to my parents about what I was feeling.

    Well both of them were very upset because he’s black.  I really got lectured and told all sorts of horrible things, I remember how awful I felt and also I believed I’d done something really incredibly wrong.  I lost my friendship with him and I’ve never really spoken to him since then, but I think about him a lot.  I know he went to Japan to teach English, and I can’t help fantasizing what my life might’ve been like if things had been different.

    My first long term boyfriend was of Indian ancestry (I mean from India, not Native American), but he was second generation Canadian so he was culturally the same as me.  But my family never gave him a chance, and hated him right away because his skin was considerably darker than mine.  He did turn out to be an abusive narcissist, and I stayed in my relationship with him for too long.  When I’m looking back, I feel like I was probably defending him too much, because I knew my parents’ attitude was based on bigotry and nothing more, and I didn’t want to let them say they’re right about him, so I justified things he was doing for years and tried to make my relationship with him work.

    I experienced prejudiced attitudes many times, I feel men especially hated I was with him.  I have a feeling white men think they own us, like we’re property like cars or something.  And I feel they hate, hate, hate seeing different people “taking their stuff.”  Such an example of male possessiveness,, it’s sickening to me.  I can be in love with whomever I want to be.

    I feel it’s beautiful they’re showing diverse couples on television and in advertisements, I feel we need more of this.  I feel it’s really important to show people this is normal and okay, I’m sure there are so many people who right now are in a position like I was in when I was younger, and could really use that message today.

    And I don’t see how your idea would work in any kind of civilized way … so are you saying if you’re hiring for a commercial, and you’ve signed a white woman to play the wife/girlfriend, and you have an excellent and talented applicant who’s black, you’re going to tell him “No sorry, I’m not hiring you because of your dark skin, white men only please!”????

    I’m really surprised too you’re encouraging a culture of discrimination and hate, since you’ve suffered from prejudice yourself.  How would you feel if someone came out and was complaining about transgender people being celebrated in media?  And saying only cisgender people should be shown, because otherwise you’re saying being transgender is okay and encouraging people to do it?

    And your comment about interracial children suffering feels like victim blaming to me.  So you’re saying because our society is cruel and intolerant, babies of mixed heritage shouldn’t exist???  I feel the problem’s with those people who will make her life miserable, and it’s not her fault for existing.

    I do hope you will please think about what you’re saying here 🙁


    [quote quote=199792]Feel free to jump in bed with a negro dear.


    If I were dating personality honesty and decency would count far more than colour.

    Someone like you would  not cross my door this side of hell.


    Growing up as an Army brat, I’ve witnessed every type of mixed relationship/marriage possible…and had a bunch of “mixed” friends…and thought nothing of it.  It’s refreshing to see real life as I know it playing out in commercials and television shows.

    The USA is “browning,” Rhonda.  Get over it.  Frankly, your intolerance surprises me.


    it is done to show that they do not discriminate based on sex or ethnicity. most racist object to this but are far outweighed by majority pushing non-discrimination. business follow the majority to maximize profitability. interracial marriage is very common now so cross breeded children are more accepted than in the past.


    I am very happy to see most people on this thread oppose ethnicity discrimination and support interracial association


    I am not even going to waste my time responding to the original post.

    I am glad though that the remainder of the members here see that a relationship between two people has more to do than the color of ones skin.


    I have to say that this post saddens me.  I am the mother of a ‘mixed-race’ son and he is the light of my life.  These days I have learned the most valuable lesson.  It’s not what is on the outside that counts, it is what is on the inside.  I don’t care what color a person is, what I look at is how they treat me.  Genuinely nice people are so rare these days that I don’t limit myself to people of my own race because, to put it bluntly, that’s just stupid.


    I’m sure thats how you feel psych, but the world feels vastly different. Look at Africa where they murder mullatos.


    Nazi white supremist like trump and rhonda are directly responsible for the 49 deaths in New Zealand. All people irregardless of color, sex and religious beliefs are equally important. People in glass houses should be careful when throwing rocks


    I agree with @rabbithabit.  But, on the flip side isnt better that we know how Rhonda feels? After all do we really want to waste time and effort befriending and supporting someone who turns out to have such reprehensible beliefs. Isnt it better we know now so that we can take the action each one of us feels appropriate when faced with such blatant racist and discriminatory views.

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    all discrimination based on color is racist. Rhonda’s ridulous statement alludes to the thought  only black people in Africa kill people. the recent killing of 49 Muslim people by a white supremist belies her attempt to blame only one race. a fact check will show most recent terrorist are not black

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