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Why are the fashion styles of Barbie more cheap and tacky looking nowadays?

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    How did we go from this



    to this?



    These new styles make me want to barf!

    What happened?

    These Barbies look amazing! It is a shame these can’t be found in stores!


    How does does Mattel make Barbies like this and turn around and push cheap crap on the consumer?

    Several years ago there was a line of dolls called The Barbie Look but it seems like they haven’t produced any more dolls in that line for the past couple years.

    They were affordable at $30.

    In today’s world parents either get a $10 Barbie or $100 American Girl doll.

    Why isn’t there a middle ground?


    Having a boy I have not looked closely at a Barbie since I was younger, but I have noticed with all things that quality has gone down, both in material and detail, price cutting for the market. This has happened with general clothing too. It is possible to go down to Primark and buy clothes for next to nothing, but they are very poor quality and look it in a short time. Looking at current trends, maybe Barbie has changed with the real life?



    I do believe Barbie influences young girls about fashion and body image. I actually write poems about young girls, teenagers and women dealing with body image. Barbie is usually white: [but that is changing], slim, etc. and teaches our girls about how they should look.

    I remember as a little girl I had Sindy Dolls [remember them?] and they made me want to look good and stay slim and wear stylish clothing. The impact these dolls have is amazing. Even boys with their action dolls are influenced: because boys are supposed to be strong and brave and face fights with no fear. So there is pressure for both genders.

    I do think Barbie should represent real adults more. Of course it is a toy and is there to play with, but it is also having an impact on our children and the way they design these dolls is very important.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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