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Why are the TV show makers and audiences so afraid of real world themes?

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    We have Game of Thrones with Dragons and The Expanse with spaceships but no epic TV show with tanks and fighter jets!


    I bet lots of Americans would go crazy if there was a show on the level of Game of Thrones with tanks and fighter jets!

    A TV show set in a fictional world where climate change has forced humanity to build a giant space elevator for solar power and the nations end up fighting over it. One nation in particular thinks it’s sovereignty has been violated and attempts to destroy the space elevator with all their remaining military forces.


    There are also perspectives from an civilian in an occupied town


    and an elite military unit


    as well as politicians who were manipulated into starting the war and scientists working on secret weapons


    with themes of climate change, AI, and refugees!

    Why are audiences and TV show makers so contemporary settings and real world themes?



    I don’t know that audiences would be adverse to it.  Actually, that seems like a cool idea.  Maybe, you should write a book…to give these guys an idea.  That seems to be the impetus for a lot of movies, and some movies spin off television shows (and vice versa).


    It may be a simplistic view, but film – whether big screen or TV – is there to be exciting and this means they’re false with their technologies and exaggerate: meaning real world themes are avoided or reduced, if you see what I mean. For instance, 9/11 – if made into a film – would worry the TV show makers about tackling a subject with so many opinions about. There was a film made about Princes Diana. That kind of film is controversial and many film makers fear that controversity. I know this all sounds obvious, but audiences – as a person who is one – see a film and just want to escape into another world.

    But I think that TV show makers should tackle real world themes and show audiences the appeal in knowing the world through film more. Film – as we know – is an important medium and real life needs to be faced and audiences shown a new way to see the world. Also, such films are not always so popular as the fictional ones. Money is the aim – to be honest – when making a film. They won’t shoot a film if they think it’ll lose them money. So they stick to the tried and tested formula: fiction.


    Real world themes are out there they are just often very depressing and as has been mentioned many people like TV as a way to escape.

    If I want real world I watch the news or a documentary blowing people up isnt my idea of fun tv anyway I want to feel good and happy from watching a film not scared or left wanting to slit my wrists from sheer desperation at the horror of our world.

    Escapism sells because we all want to dream.



    I agree cassandra: I don’t want to leave a film feeling depressed and plain miserable at the “reality” of our world. If I watch a film, I don’t want it much like real life at all. Because films to me are escapism, excitement: all that type of thing. Real life films are informative and useful, but not for me. Unless it is “Erin Brockovich”!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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