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    Hi ladies,
    Totally out of my comfort zone with this sort of thing but thought I’d give it a go! Recently my partner has taken to looking up instrgram pics of ladies* (loose term for the word**) whose profiles are where they’re posing in their underwear, general close up boob shots etc.. pretty much anything sexy. He’s also started following these types of *ladies* on snapchat. Is this something I should bring up with him? Something I should just get over? Does it really mean anything other than he’s a typical male who gets off on looking at these images? We are intimate regularly so it’s not that he’s missing out in that area, we’ve openly discussed how it would make each other feel if we were doing this sort of thing and he’s said that if it was the other way round he’d feel betrayed and insecure. The exact same way it makes us ladies feel when they do it to us. So why does he do it?? And why now??
    any thoughts would be appreciatedĀ :)šŸ™‚



    This sounds fairly normal ‘guy’ behaviour to me, as long as otherwise things are normal. If his friends are doing the same, especially. Personally I would start to worry though if he became more secretive or obsessiveĀ  about it. Being open is a good thing.


    If he is blatantly looking at women on Instagram and wherever else, then that is offensive and way past the line. But if he’s occasionally entertaining himself, then that is just male behaviour. However, I don’t mean to stereotype all men, as not all men do this. Most men do enjoy doing so, but it really depends on the individual bloke as to whether it should be considered offensive. Rubbing it in the woman’s face is definitely wrong on so many levels. But private viewings I do not think it so. I guess everyone has their opinion, though.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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