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Why has mainstream and pop culture lost interest in space?

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    Both in real life and in a fictional setting. We used to have TV shows like Babylon 5 in the 90s and BSG in the 2000s. Space exploration was all the rage in 50s and 60s America. We had shows like Babylon 5 in the 90s and BSG in the 2000s.

    What happened? Have we become too cynical?

    Would The Expanse would probably reach a larger audience if it was on HBO?

    How would the mainstream react to something like this on their TV screen?

    BSG and The Expanse pushed the space genre to be more gritty and realistic. Would today’s audiences think of aliens as ridiculous?

    There is a channel in my area that is home to both the most popular reality show and the local news. Imagine if the government funded the creation of a one season or one episode miniseries set in the future aimed at getting the mainstream excited for the future and space to be put on that channel. How would the mainstream reality TV viewer react to that?

    How would the mainstream non gamers react to the Mass Effect universe? Wouldn’t the alien race made up entirely of pretty women with fish heads and psychic powers be considered sexist? It was made by 1980s geeks who played DnD.

    Fun fact this is the guy who started it all!

    And he went to a bunch of DnD geeks and said make me a space opera.


    I am wondering if there is a Dr Who on TV this Christmas as I have not seen one advertised. I see what you mean Hailey.

    My opinion is that things have gone into fantasy. Even space things now can be pretty unbelievable, at least to someone as technical as me. I think there is too much emphasis on ‘larger than life’ characters rather than people anyone can relate to. Going back to ‘Dr Who’ – even though the technology is complex and theme very satirical the main player is generally someone that almost anyone could recognise and relate to in some ways. There is too much desire, particularly on the part of the film makers, to think more and more fantastic ideas with flashing lights with bells on is the way to go, taking people out of possible realities.

    Maybe when warp drive is developed and star travel becomes practical the next generation of space related films will come?

    Ok, I am not much into fantasy but it is a thought?


    Its true there is no Dr Who on Christmas listings but it is on at New Year

    We finally have a premiere date for Doctor Who season 12!

    My main bug bear with the vast majority of sci fi is that its all shot in the dark, is this so that we dont recognise that those hoses are tumble dryer extractor hose or that weird contraption is just a central heating clock? For all the special effects if the story isnt good and the film makes you feel like reaching for a flashlight then I wont be watching it.

    I love old star trek btw and Ive followed every series, cant wait for the new Picard one to start… Same goes for  Dr Who..Also liked the Orville which was supposed to be comedy but had some very real life people in it and was shot with good lighting!

    HG Wells war of the worlds (the orgnial film) not Tom Cruise and his oh look at me film YUK,  same for the time machine.. Sometimes the new versions are more about the main actor and not the story Im not watching a 2 hour actor promotion I want a film with a story…


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    I used to be a huge “Star Trek” fan. I also loved “Babylon 5” in the 90’s. I didn’t go much for Doctor Who, though.

    I am very much into science fiction and look forward to the day regular people will travel to Mars: there to visit and also live. I truly believe it will happen. As for science fiction programmes: they aren’t so much all the rage now: so you’re right about that. It does seem a shame, though. Space travel is wondrous and is the ultimate goal for the human race: and people need to be reminded of that.

    TV definitely need to up their game when it comes to science fiction shows.


    I have written two science fiction short stories: “Space Samaritan” and “Mission To Mars”. My favourite story is the latter. It doesn’t have aliens in it: it is about the human race building another earth on Mars and is set in 2020. I do believe that we will reach Mars as a another planet to inhabit. I realize there may not be enough oxygen in the atmosphere of Mars. If there was, perhaps NASA would’ve reached Mars years ago. BUT it is an exciting idea and one that could happen. I also believe – if we do reach Mars – we will find a way to make it habitable. Earth is an old planet and will always spin in orbit. But Mars could show us life beyond earth.

    A dream many share.


    Buzz Aldrin has a plan to do that by 2039.  I sat in on a presentation where he laid out the entire plan on a whiteboard, going into great technical detail.  He was certainly excited about it!


    I do believe there will be little bases setup on the nearest reasonable habitable worlds at least. My imagination tends to be enormous and I wish I had your dedication to writing Kitty. I think the future is in star travel and at present feel the answer may be given by examining some of the strange properties in quantum physics. I had an idea earlier this year but don’t know enough about it or anyone leaned enough to discuss it with. I am not a physicist though, just a nerdy dreamer. Maybe my grandaughter might get there. At her first birthday party on Sunday I saw someone had given her the book (I think my son), “Quantum Physics for Babies” lol.


    I would LOVE to understand quantum physics, SpinningJen.

    Funnily enough, my dad got a BA Honors in Mathematics and Physics in 1985. He is a genius at numbers and science. I often wish I thought more like him, in that regard. I have inherited an interest in science, but I tend to be more into science fiction than science fact. Although I do realise how science works in the real world and how it explains how things work.

    Anyhow, there is now to be a space force. Yes: really. I’d Google it. My dad told me yesterday about it and it seemed really interesting. The human race has reached space: and there is no going back.


    The Space Force has been a topic of discussion for a few years.  They’ve been mulling over whether to have a separate force/corps separate from the Air Force, or to keep the Air Force Space Command.  From what I’ve heard, the Air Force didn’t want to be split, since it would be harder to funnel money from Space Command to fund over-budget projects such as the F-35 or KC-135.  Now that it will be a standalone force, it would be harder to take money away from them.

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