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Why have men lost their love of space and space battle?

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    Space was pretty big on TV in the 90s and early 2000s.

    The Western world does not seem to be interested in making shows like that anymore.  Japanese culture seems more interested in space than the West!

    What has happened to men’s love of space dogfights? How could they lose interest?

    How can we get our fascination in space back? How can men get their love of space dogfights back?


    I think it was earlier than that too but it was a novelty and somewhere people could dream of exploring.  Maybe the reality hit home but warp drive didn’t?


    A novelty and escapsim in some cases a utopia we would love to be part of.

    I think the space dream has adapted. Star Trek Picard is the newest series to hit the screens and so I dont think the love is lost its just mellowed with age as has Jean Luc Picard.


    Well I am stuck in the sixties and love those short skirts and boots on STAR TREK lol


    [quote quote=210137]Well I am stuck in the sixties and love those short skirts and boots on STAR TREK lol

    I always loved the hairdo’s esp Yeoman Rand



    So did I Cassandra, she ended up almost on the streets in real life I think but was given a part in one on the later movies.


    [quote quote=210137]Well I am stuck in the sixties and love those short skirts and boots on STAR TREK lol


    I have to fight the temptation at times as it is too easy to push it too far lol. I love sixties fashion too!


    I used to be a HUGE Star Trek and Babylon 5 fan. I also loved the comedy Red Dwarf.

    I have always been interested in space and space travel. I even wrote two science fiction stories, which were published. I keep a board of space travel on my Pinterest page, too.

    I would LOVE to go into space and onto the space station. I would also love to go to the London planeterium, which would be easier and less scary! Anyhow, I LOVE space travel, science fiction and space science. I may not be a man, but I am interested in all these things.


    I’ve been once to the London planetarium years ago when I was a child in a nearby town to us Groningen ther there is a 3D cinema that sometimes shows films of all of the star systems that have been mapped so far and it feels as if you’re in them I really want to go and see that.

    just down the road is another town called Franeker and a completely different planetarium in an ordinary residential house between 1774 and 1781 a man built a replica of the solar system in his house,  in the bedroom you can see all the cogs and the workings and downstairs in the what was the living room you’ve got the whole solar system revolving around all I could think of was his poor wife and what she had to put up with. Now that guy was really obsessed with space.


    I wish I lived near you, cassandra! You lucky thing. I cannot get enough of space science and space travel. Seeing the universe and whole host of galaxies is very exciting. I’d also love to travel to and visit Mars. I believe – one day – humans will live there.


    @KitKatKitty I found this clip on youtube of the planetarium , I havent been there for years and I didnt realise they have extended into the house nextdoor and made a whole new interactive section that really engages families and children.

    Its the oldest working planetarium in the world too..


    I love looking at the planet from space: it’s an awesome and overpowering sight.

    That planetarium looks incredible for its age, cassandra. I really, really want to see it with my own eyes. Enjoy every moment when you’re there! I think you’re lucky to live where you do. Making the most of your location seems the right thing to do: because you’re in a good location.

    Enough of my babbling: a cool planetarium.


    Kitty, I couldn’t agree with you more WRT looking at the planet from space!

    The Space Foundation Discovery Center here has a Science on a Sphere exhibit.  It’s the 85th such exhibit (out of  130 or so worldwide).  They use it as a teaching tool for visiting school children and public presentations.  It’s a suspended globe upon which four high-resolution projectors render images of topographical displays of earth or other planets.  There are over 500 existing datasets, and they can be created/customized at each site.  There is even one of the Death Star!  My personal favorite is our big blue planet.


    Here’s a live webcast:


    Here are some photos taken during installation:



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    There was a sphere exibited here in Lincoln UK fairly recently:


    A similar thing. It was interesting to walk around it. Many people just sat on the floor and gazed up at it. There were comments that the Earth would be a good subject, but to change regularly to another body would be brilliant.


    HI kitty, some of the leading space scientists from the sixties and seventies were women, a little known fact that that has only really just come to light when one of them recently died. The focus was always on men when talking about space and women were kept in the background.

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