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Why have suburban parents become more protective of their teens?

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    Back in the 2000s the jocks I knew played video games like this

    Now it’s colorful Fortnite.

    and the popular girls were obsessed with joining the cheerleading squad and watching teen shows like this

    These older teens moved away and the new kids in my neighborhood seem far more prudish. One enjoys basketball and strangely hates pop music. He seems like a perfect “choir boy”. Parents are working class religious people. Another is a girl of Middle School age who wants to be a model but is bigoted against inner city “gangsters”. Her Dad is a construction manager who won’t let her watch anything above a G rating.

    What has happened to society?



    Maybe some parents are realising that the negative influences of trashy Tv and violent video games have a negative effect on kids. Maybe they have seen enough feral kids dropping out and messing up their lives to stop, think, and be more involved in making sure their kids see age appropriate things and dont get a taste for violence.

    Hopefully if parents are stepping up it might mean that the 20+ age group will be a little bit less self absorbed and obnoxious.

    I stood behind a group of teenage boys in a supermarket  a couple of years ago one asked the other if he had taken his driving test.

    The first boy said ‘no I quit, I mean the instructor guy just kept like moaning at me and yelling when I did stuff it was like soooo boring not like GTA or nothing”

    All I could think was,  Thank God Im not going to meet this imbecile on the road any time soon.

    If that sounds harsh then thats how it sounds Im honest about it. I dont want to meet nintendo drivers out there. I dont want people who think that its fun to shoot and kill as my carer/nurse, I dont want people who are only interested in themselves being in charge of anything to do with my life.

    If prudish means sensible and polite, if it means not running about swearing spitting listening to headphones the whole time and ignoring others then fine ,I like prudish.




    I think having standards is very important. There are younger/older teenagers who don’t stick to the rules. Of course they ARE teenagers and what is going on in their brain at that time of their lives is complex and many such teenagers do grow into responsible, mature adults. Many suburban parents want to just keep their teenagers away from those influences for how easily swayed they are at that age. Again, adolesence is complex psychologically and no two teenagers are the same.

    I see it as if parents feel the need to protect their son/daughter that is not just because they are suburban: protective parents can come from either side of the tracks. And, indeed, troublemakers can come from the rich side of the tracks, too. What I mean, is that suburban parents are often protective, but poorer parents are, too.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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