why i luv be girl

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    why i love being a girl

    seldom have to pay
    seldom chase love
    sex is less activity and always ready
    high pain threshold
    longer life span
    gals hug and kiss easy
    can cry easy without embarrassed
    can use makeup anytime
    more variety in clothes
    ladies first mentality
    less bald spots
    can make babies inside us
    can stay home
    don’t need job
    get gifts more often
    people share wealth to us easily
    have more sexy parts to flash


    How about You?


    I love being female because:

    1. I get to wear lipstick
    2. I get to have manicured, painted nails all the time
    3. I am emotionally intelligent
    4. I am intuitive
    5. I wear beautiful dresses
    6. I see the world differently to a man [not to generalize, though! Not all men see the world in the same way.]
    7. I am poetic and musical

    I can’t think of other reasons I love my gender! I shall add as and when ideas pop into my mind. Still, being female can be wonderful.




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    I love being female because –

    We are more tactile than men

    Get to wear practically anything we like

    More emotional and understanding

    Have that maternal bond with our children

    Have that ability to get our guys to do the horrible jobs around the house

    Mess up the decorating so hubby takes over lol

    and my fav thing sexy lingerie we can wear all the time

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    excellent response from true women


    Thanks Bunny we should be proud of being the superior sex lol


    Women rule the world.

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