why i luv be girl

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    why i love being a girl

    seldom have to pay
    seldom chase love
    sex is less activity and always ready
    high pain threshold
    longer life span
    gals hug and kiss easy
    can cry easy without embarrassed
    can use makeup anytime
    more variety in clothes
    ladies first mentality
    less bald spots
    can make babies inside us
    can stay home
    don’t need job
    get gifts more often
    people share wealth to us easily
    have more sexy parts to flash


    How about You?


    I love being female because:

    1. I get to wear lipstick
    2. I get to have manicured, painted nails all the time
    3. I am emotionally intelligent
    4. I am intuitive
    5. I wear beautiful dresses
    6. I see the world differently to a man [not to generalize, though! Not all men see the world in the same way.]
    7. I am poetic and musical

    I can’t think of other reasons I love my gender! I shall add as and when ideas pop into my mind. Still, being female can be wonderful.




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    I love being female because –

    We are more tactile than men

    Get to wear practically anything we like

    More emotional and understanding

    Have that maternal bond with our children

    Have that ability to get our guys to do the horrible jobs around the house

    Mess up the decorating so hubby takes over lol

    and my fav thing sexy lingerie we can wear all the time

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    excellent response from true women


    Thanks Bunny we should be proud of being the superior sex lol


    Women rule the world.

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    I feel my favorite thing about being a woman is that we support each other better than men do, we cooperate and are here for each other.  Have you ever noticed just how competitive men are with each other?  I feel like they always seem they need to outdo each other or something, life is a constant fight for them.  Not all women are perfect of course, but just in general it seems easy to find support groups for women who will actually help you and try to lift you up, and I don’t feel men have this like we do, probably a big reason in my mind why male suicide rates are like three to four times greater in western countries.

    And well more materially, I love our clothing and especially our shoe options.  I’d hate to be a man and have to wear clothes like they do, and I don’t believe there’s any question our shoe choices are better by quite a bit.

    I enjoy feeling graceful and feminine, I absolutely hate working with my hands or doing anything mechanical, and I’m really glad I’m not expected to do those things and be looked down upon because I don’t.  And I’m thankful I’m not expected to be interested in sports, or to be rugged or macho or something.  I like how I can go get a pedicure and it feels like a place for me, I could only imagine how awkward a man would feel going in for something like that.

    I love how my body feels, I enjoy crossing my legs and curling up on a chair.  Don’t get me wrong, I love men and how they look, they’re just so … different, you know what I mean?

    Oh and of course cunnilingus … I don’t imagine men have any idea lol.

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    I agree with you there, Mamie. I have to add that the thing wonderful about being a woman are manicures. I LOVE nails and nail polish. I always have painted nails. That is one thing I am glad of. And you’re right about shoes: women get to wear the most beautiful shoes. Men’s shoes are flat – and sometimes ugly – whereas ours are stylish and sexy.

    Who wouldn’t want that?

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    I enjoy pedicures over manicures myself, well I have a bad habit of biting my finger nails.  I keep my fingernails short and I don’t really treat them, just filing really, I also type a lot for work and I do a lot of cooking and baking, and I find it helps me to be neat.

    My feet are a totally different story, lol.  I’ll spend quite a bit of time removing dead skin, filing, soaking, and doing my nails.  Normally I’ve just used a clear polish, but I was feeling a bit more bold this year and I’ve been using a sparkly purple kind, and I’ve gotten a lot of compliments.  I add a lot of work for myself, since I love going barefoot but also want to keep my feet pretty, which is even more difficult because of my bunions and scars.

    I don’t know how men live with their shoe options, lol.  Like you said, most are just plain ugly, and they just don’t have many variations in style at all, right?

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    I also look after my feet, mamie: I cut my toenails often, use a foot cream at night and soap my feet daily in the shower. I use a foot deodorising spray after washing my feet, too. I LOVE looking after my feet.

    My nails are also my pride and joy. They are an odd shape [only slightly], but I paint them and they look good. Vanity is wonderful.

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    I tried a new look this year with my polish color, I received  many compliments this summer! 🙂

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    I love those toenails! They’re fab.

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