why i luv be girl

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    Earrings and lipstick! Plus, beautifully painted nails.


    well inasmuch as I started out as the other gender, obviously I enjoy being a girl. I enjoy being pretty rather than being drab. I never was a Cary Grant so there was not much to loose.


    Being mature, feminine and emotionally intelligent: like all the other ladies on here.

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    I definitely love wearing vintage dresses. I LOVE fashion and just looking stylish. I’ve got a soft spot for shoes, too!

    It’s great to be a girl! I’d teach any daughter of mine that.

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    I love vintage dresses too Kitty. I have recently bought an Edwardian blouse with high collar, the intention being to wear when out in the sun drawing so I don’t get burnt. I have been pricing up a matching linen skirt and considering even making one, but they are expensive. I would love to go to to our local steampunk event, not with outlandish gadgets, just to look the part in costume and join in.

    Yes it is great to be a girl. I love the variation we have.

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    Nails, nails, nails.

    I LOVE having regular manicures.

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    I just looked at my nails and was almost surprised at how pretty they look. Surprising as I do so much in the garden. It nice to pamper them from time to time, and I do work hard to keep them nice.

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    I love just a clear polish on my finger nails, over a base coat.  I love how they look so shiny, but also feel stronger and smoother, and just look cleaner too.

    I looove this feeling of lip-plumping gloss (getting that wonderful tingling in my lips right now!)

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    I paint my nails with clear polish often, too, Mamie. I always use a base coat beneath my nails. It makes my nails look neat, pretty and glamorous. I keep my nails short, though: long nails – on me – bug me. I also often clean my nails with soap & a nail brush. I don’t like grubby nails. Plus, I do a lot of cooking and hate having onions beneath my nails: yuck.

    Anyhow, nails make the woman!

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    My nails are usully medium length not too short. It used to be difficult when I played the guitar as I had to cut them shorter so that I could finger the strings and chords properly which is a bad point about the guitar lol.

    I have no issues with onions but really am not happy when I prune the tomato plants as their aroma clings to my hands and I need to wash them several times before it goes. Maybe that is why tomatoes are little affected by pests? I keep meaning to make a spray from crushed tomato leaf liquid and see whether it deters pests from other plants but have yet to get around to it.


    I played the guitar myself many years ago, SpinningJen. I did quite well with it for a few years. I even tried composing some music, but did not know the ins and outs and music theory. Still, I was a teenager during that time.

    I still love music today, but won’t be taking up an instrument. I prefer listening to CDs and watching YouTube. Plus, I would’ve never gotten to a higher level with it. I just do not have the talent. I know that sounds like a self put-down, but it’s true. But I am glad to have tried. And I have my poetry, which is a saviour.


    I think playing music is one thing where you really have to have the will and determination to progress otherwise it will never sound right. That is where it failed with me. Being among a group of like minded people would have been a big help. At school they are always present, but later the determination has to be greater. It you met the right people though Kitty you could perhaps write their songs?


    Actually, SpinningJen, I’d LOVE to write the lyrics to songs. I love the structure of words and making up rhymes. I like to tell a story in each of my poems. Instead of just rhyming lines, I instead tell a story and then edit it to rhyme afterwards. I think that is the best way to write a poem. It has to make logical sense: not just randomly rhyme. It is a process that you never stop learning. It is also a great way to improve one’s English. I have had so much practice with my English since my first computer 20 odd years ago, it comes naturally now. I really edit and compose my work well these days. Again, I’ve had a lot of practice.

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    It’s interesting how you write things Kitty. I always thought a poem was just written, composing as you went along with rhyme pretty much the same time as words and meaaning. I suppose it is pretty much the same with art in that things are separated more than is obvious from the finished work. With experience you never really think about the steps you carry out.


    It is interesting hearing your perspective, SpinningJen: I must’ve written 1000’s of poems over the years, but the majority were discarded and deleted because they just rhymed without meaning. I then realized if I wanted a poem to work, it had to tell a story. Also, it is only recently my technique has improved. I now spend more time on a poem and edit it as best I can. I do like writing historical poems: such as “Those Old Witch Trials”, “If I Knew You Were Coming I’d Share Green Rushes With You” and “U2: Legends Of Rock”. One poem of mine – “The Lipstick Story” – has become incredibly popular. It is just about the history of lipstick throughout the world since ancient times. People seem to love that poem, funnily enough.

    Anyhow, it is a learning process. A lot of my poems were experimental. Some worked: some didn’t. I really try and just enjoy being creative.

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