why i luv be girl

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    Earrings and lipstick! Plus, beautifully painted nails.


    well inasmuch as I started out as the other gender, obviously I enjoy being a girl. I enjoy being pretty rather than being drab. I never was a Cary Grant so there was not much to loose.


    Being mature, feminine and emotionally intelligent: like all the other ladies on here.

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    I definitely love wearing vintage dresses. I LOVE fashion and just looking stylish. I’ve got a soft spot for shoes, too!

    It’s great to be a girl! I’d teach any daughter of mine that.

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    I love vintage dresses too Kitty. I have recently bought an Edwardian blouse with high collar, the intention being to wear when out in the sun drawing so I don’t get burnt. I have been pricing up a matching linen skirt and considering even making one, but they are expensive. I would love to go to to our local steampunk event, not with outlandish gadgets, just to look the part in costume and join in.

    Yes it is great to be a girl. I love the variation we have.

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    Nails, nails, nails.

    I LOVE having regular manicures.

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    I just looked at my nails and was almost surprised at how pretty they look. Surprising as I do so much in the garden. It nice to pamper them from time to time, and I do work hard to keep them nice.

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    I love just a clear polish on my finger nails, over a base coat.  I love how they look so shiny, but also feel stronger and smoother, and just look cleaner too.

    I looove this feeling of lip-plumping gloss (getting that wonderful tingling in my lips right now!)

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    I paint my nails with clear polish often, too, Mamie. I always use a base coat beneath my nails. It makes my nails look neat, pretty and glamorous. I keep my nails short, though: long nails – on me – bug me. I also often clean my nails with soap & a nail brush. I don’t like grubby nails. Plus, I do a lot of cooking and hate having onions beneath my nails: yuck.

    Anyhow, nails make the woman!

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