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Why is it acceptable to show fully nude women in movies?

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    I have always been confused by this… Why in movies do they constantly show fully naked women — vagina and all — but they only show a mans butt?


    Thats not fair to women?  We don’t want to pay money to see totally naked girls.


    most people prefer naked women over men. showing the female body is much more profitable to movie makers. they follow the money trail like everyone else. personally i am thankful for this.


    I too think it is a bit one sided, but with a man things are far more sexually explicit as their parts are more obvious. I think may women (and maybe men) would be uncomfortable with a fully naked male frontal. With a woman, it is more acceptable as it has been commonplace.


    I accept, but the audience must know by advance that some pictures are a bit special.


    I took a gander at your profile/posts.  If this is the only thing occupying your mind, consider yourself blissfully happy.


    I don’t watch sexually explicit films [although I do like “Sleeping With The Enemy”, “Pretty Woman” and other lighter sexual films] but can understand the allure. Men’s parts are more obvious, but nude women are also graphic. As long as the film is with friends and NOT my father or sister, I am fine with it. If you’re easily embarrassed about watching that kind of material with family, check out the certificate of it! And do also realize “Black Swan” has a woman touching herself [fine, nothing wrong with that] so, again, if you’re easily embarrassed, don’t watch that film with family!

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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