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    Hi all,

    I was wondering if any of you can give me any advice please. I am really stressed and my anxiety is really bad. I have had an issue with work since I handed in my notice it’s been awful. I’m now off work 2nd day in and the manager wants me to go now. He said if I’m not happy there to go now but he won’t be paying me. I have sent a letter of complaint in as advised by my rep, stating everything and said I’d just like it to be resolved calmly but he now hasn’t replied. My anxiety is through the roof because he’s a really nasty man and I’m worried what revenge he will try to provoke on me. I have tried to ask for my pay etc. And I even put in my complaint that if we can end it mutually then it will save the complaint going any further. It’s causing me so much worry i can’t go out of the house or every time my phone goes I think it’s him calling. I’m beside myself. Please help x


    I’m sorry to hear about your work scenario and your anxiety. It sounds like you are on the right track though.

    You handed in your notice to leave your job? Did you sign any contracts before you started about leave and pay?


    The way I like to look at things like this is to try to seperate emotion from fact, and just treat all contacts with logic. Follow the procedures as far as possible, by the book.

    I can see things, a little, as I have been there in the past. It will depend quite a bit, as to where you are as different companies have different ways of dealing with things, and in the UK things are somewhat different to the US etc.

    Look forward to things improving, especially when it is all over. Good luck x



    Thank u for your reply I didn’t think anyone was going to reply 😐

    Yes I signed a contract but he asked me to produce my copy and didn’t explain why. My rep says because he could be planning to change the terms in it!? If he has though I can prove he has by comparing it to my copy but I am so stressed and worried of what will come of it all. I just needed rest and if he hadn’t got nasty about my pay then I’d have probably agreed to going sooner as he obviously doesn’t want me there at all anymore 😔


    What an awful manager he is. You were right to hand in your notice. He doesn’t need to see your copy of the contract, so get it back quickly. I agree about following procedures to the book. Try to keep your emotions separate from the situation. Try to be positive: you’re out of there and will never have to go again. But you’re not alone with your anxiety. Do what you think is best and believe you’ll find a much better job, with people who respect you.


    I would suggest that you never hand over a signed copy of any document. Give him a photocopy as it has the information. In a dispute it is somewhat easier to prove if you have written confirmation. A lost contract could complicate things no end, but I am glad that your rep is aware of him wanting it.


    Wow, what a terrible employer! That sounds really rough.. what happened with everything? Did things get resolved? It definitely sounds like you did the right thing by getting out of there. How long did you have to stay before you could leave?

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    How did things pan out, Gunit?

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