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Would you take this for walkies?

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    I have NEVER seen such a big dog in all my life. Meet Samson. He needs a life saving op, and if he can,t have it he might have to be put to sleep. Poor old doggy. :down:


    Wow do you walk it or ride it?!?



    wouldnt really be taking it for a walk would it????

    More like a death defying drag race eh?

    I note the owner says they are disabled…

    If they in a wheelchair they could harness the dog to the chair like a husky, dangle a bonio on the end of a long stick in front of it and it would walk itself if u get me drift..(or is it just me who has these odd ideas???..or maybe im just a bit sick…lol)

    Happy walkies!!


    Awww a beautiful dog, but a little too big for me – I would be terrified to take it out and about. I would also worry that my house wouldnt be big enough for it! lol @ saffi I have always wondered about dog propelled transport too so dont worry you arent alone!



    Thanx for that blonde…thought I was going to be lonely in the Nuthouse…lol

    Lets just keep taking the pills for now eh???…lol

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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