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    Has anyone ever wanted to be an author? I have always wanted too, even started a creative writing course once,but, as usual,life gets in the way,other things take priority and it gets forgotten.

    I have lots of outlines for stories written down on scraps of paper, kept in a folder,but that’s as far as I’ve got.


    I’ve drawn a very lousy comic strip about my maths teacher. And I wrote a fairy tale about a little dragon that refused to spit fire. And my diaries are very melodramatic. I think it is a good way to deal with your feelings and work things up (is this the right expression?).

    What are you writing about? And it is so easy to publish stories in the internet, just try and get some feedback.


    I have a few books published with online publishers. Lulu.com publish books for free, rather than it being vanity publishing. I think if you do want to write, you just have to sit down and write. This sounds obvious, but cracking on with it is the only way to be an author. I love writing, as do many people, such as yourself. You could start by writing short texts or even poems. Practice is the key. Using your imagination and just having fun with characters works. But, anyhow, when you’ve got a free hour, just turn on your computer and write anything your heart desires.


    I’d like to write a story or book but I have a problem. Everything is contorted and I can not make an order in my head. I started to write two stories, I have some ideas of them, but i cant’t order these ideas. So, I have only the beginning of the story. Poor me! xDxD

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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