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    Is my new poetry book and it is fab. Lulu.com really make publishing one’s work easier. If I submitted my work to Penguin or other major publishers I would get nowhere. I was noticed by United Press years back. I was one of 20 women in their anthology “Women Poets Of The Year 2015”. It was a real privilege to star in their book.

    I also have work in print with United P.C. I have done well. I think because I kept trying and turned to the Internet. You can too.

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    Well done Kitty!



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    Thank you, SpinningJen!

    I have posted 3 links of my autumn poems in another thread. I hope you enjoy reading them!

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    I gave my book a read and am really pleased with the outcome. It is a basic design, but that is how I wanted it done. Plus, there are very few errors. I edited it thoroughly before submitting to the publisher. I definitely chose the right poems for the book. I just hope everyone else enjoys reading it!

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