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    Oh dear I’m sorry, I wasn’t sure where this topic should go, I couldn’t figure out which sub forum would be most appropriate?

    Does anyone here take care of her own outside at home?

    I’ve got to start cutting my grass, I’m a bit intimidated because I’ve never mowed a lawn before ever in my life.  My boyfriend cut my grass once a couple weeks ago, but I don’t feel it’s fair for me to rely on him for that, I need to be self sufficient?

    I had a large mower machine, but I gave it away because I couldn’t move it.  It was so heavy, and I know nothing about mechanics, and it smelled really bad and I couldn’t even start it when I tried.  So I went online and I bought an electric lawn mower with batteries from Amazon, it was very well reviewed.  I’ve received it and I have it in my garage, I was able to put it together today, it wasn’t really hard – it has parts that sort of fold up.  Luckily it’s really super light weight, so I can pick it up very easily, and I can turn it, but I haven’t tried starting it yet.  I’ll probably give it a go in a day or so, my grass is getting long, but I’m pretty nervous about this.  I’ve been watching youtube videos and reading articles on google, so it seems it’s just basically going back and forth in straight lines, but it’s sort of an adventure I guess, lol.

    I’m just curious if anyone here is used to this, or has any advice for me, or just stories even. 🙂


    Nope sorry, I live in an apartment complex and all of the lawn and outdoor services are taken care of by the Apartment Maintenance.

    When I lived at home since Mom was a single Mom most of my life she hired a lawn cutting service to do her lawn. Once I got a boyfriend in high school he would cut our lawn at moms house every so often.

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    Having grown up in the country, and always had a garden in the family cutting the lawn is something that was an adventure years ago, but perhaps something of a chore now. It reminds me of a couple of years ago when I was dreading giving the lawn it’s first cut after the winter as it’s very tiring with our tiny mower (easy to handle for me but it jams up easily and so needs constant cleaning with long grass). I was about to start when a council employed workman on a small tractor mower, who was cutting the verges, drove up and asked if I would like the lawn cutting. A true gentleman – how could I refuse lol. It was done in a couple of minutes whereas it would maybe have taken me an hour.

    Your lawn is better cut when dry, as apart from anything else, the mower is easier to clean afterward. Don’t leave the lawn too long. It is probably better to cut little and often, and is a lot easier. Some mowers have settings for the height of cut. Unless you have a  bowling green (billiard table) flatness don’t have it too low. You may not want to worry about that anyway. I think lawns look better when cut in strips, but that depends somewhat on the mower too. Just start and give it a go. Grass grows, like hair, so if you can be trimmed similarly. One thing to be careful of is the cutting blade. That depends a bit on the type of mower, but they are dangerous. Keep animals away. I had a friend whose dog lost sight in one eye by a stone flicked up from his mower. With yourself that is unlikely as the mower usually has a cover which protects the operator. It’s best to wear strong boots, and at least jeans or other leg covering.  Never sandals! It’s not a dangerous, or difficult job but obviously it is a mechanical device that deserves respect. In that way, if you have to clear a jam or otherwise go near the blades use a stick or something, never your hands. Always disconnect from power before cleaning. In a way a similar safety regime to that you would use with a food mixer or other electrical kitchen impliment, so it’s not to be scared of.

    Just give it a go. You’ll soon get the hang of it.

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    Thank you very kindly.  I was thinking of hiring someone but I feel I should do it myself, I don’t want to feel helpless and useless?

    I oh so appreciate your advice Jen!  I’ve been reading my manual and it says I should always take out my batteries before doing anything like removing the bag or looking underneath.  Under my mower is so very simple, I have these 2 things I’m guessing are the blades, and not much else really, it’s very light weight.  My ground isn’t totally smooth so I will maybe have my length thing set in the middle?  I’m sort of looking forward to the exercise, lol.

    I liked your story about your city workman, he was very gentlemanly!

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    Once I settle down and get married I do want a home with a nice size yard. I want a garden where I can grow my own veggies even though I suck at it. Maybe having a nice size yard and a garden for that will help me learn. My hubby will still cut the grass and do all the maintenance around the yard, but I will certainly enjoy a nice yard.

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    Well very sadly my experiment to attempt to take care of my yard work myself has ended in complete failure.  I quit in tears halfway through my last attempt, and that was my sixth time trying, and I just have to accept this is something I’m not capable of doing.  I just can’t handle this type of physical work, I’m not built for this, and it’s just too hard for me.  At first I felt like a real failure, like I’m some sort of spoiled princess or something, but luckily I’ve had some lovely friends who helped me realize I did try and really put in my effort, but discovering my physical limitations.

    So oh well, I’m hiring someone to take care of this for me the rest of his year, and next year I’ll probably have to really set something up regularly.  I guess I wasted $400 on my lawnmower, lol.


    I wish I had £1 for every ten I have wasted over the years. I suspect I could well afford a luxury holiday lol. As I am fairly strong and technically minded I have less issues (and someone to help me), but, even so, I have lost count of the number of times in the past when both men and other women have rushed to help as I have looked like an I was in an accident waiting to happen. Some of us are just not built for manual work!

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    My hubby lets me do the lawn since I was critical of his cutting once, generally I do the garden anyway but always wear gloves to protect my hands. My biggest gripe is I keep breaking my nails ( will they ever be long and elegant again lol ? )

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    I have never done yard work or outside work in general: it just doesn’t appeal. However, I do a lot of cleaning. But outside work: no. My dad does a lot of gardening and construction/DIY. He actually decorated my bathroom and painted my lounge. He loves physical work. He is 66 years old now and shows no sign of stopping!

    Anyhow, don’t beat yourself up over not being able to do it, Mamie. You should give yourself credit for trying! You’ve certainly tried harder than I ever have in that kind of work!


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    This was my first time really trying something like this KitKatKitty, and I learned I’m pretty much exactly like you lol.  My back was getting so sore from pushing my mower, and carrying those bags to empty was surprisingly heavy!  I just hate sweating, and it’s been so humid too, I was absolutely miserable like I couldn’t believe.

    My ex boyfriend used to call me “princess” in a sarcastic way when he thought I was acting spoiled and entitled, for a moment I really hated thinking he was right about me.  And when I was first planning on doing my lawn by myself this year, I was pretty excited and I told this guy my plan, and he told me I wasn’t going to be able to do it and I should just hire someone, so his attitude kind of gave me some resolve (for a while at least!) and I also felt like such a failure when he was proven right.

    I’m glad I have some good friends who supported me when I had to quit, but that first day was pretty rough lol.

    I have an easy enough time doing household domestic chores, like for example I feel I enjoy vacuuming, and I thought mowing would be like “vacuuming my yard”, but I guess not! 🙂

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    There’s nowt wrong with being a princess! That would be a compliment to me, in your shoes. (However, your ex boyfriend was sarcastic about it.) I [as you could tell from my previous post] do a lot of cleaning and find is easy, like yourself. But yard work is physically more challenging, at the end of the day. AND you did try. Everyone has their limitations. I have come to accept things I would like to do that are not possible. Such as: speaking fluent French, being a genius at mathematics, knowing more about cosmology and writing novels. You just do what you can.

    Give yourself credit!

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    My husband is a strong guy but he has no idea what is a plant and whats a weed. He once mowed right over my rhubarb and my herb garden because he thought they were ugly weeds! So he is forbidden from gardening.

    I handle hedge trimmers and shears like a pro  which is just as well we have a hedge all round the house over 130 feet in total its the old saying practice makes perfect.. Mamie maybe you could find someone who could help you learn to handle that mower and give you some labour saving tips.

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    It goes to show, cassandra, not to believe the stereotype of men being into yard work and the suchlike!

    Anyhow, it is great that you’re handy with gardening equipment. I’m not myself. In fact, I do not gardening at all and never have. However, I do love plants and flowers: I have plants in my apartment and they’re healthy and thriving, so I do know how to look after a plant. A lot of people don’t.

    Gardening is a great skill to have.

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    Thank you all very kindly.  On my street I’ve seen other women mowing their yards, so I figured it’d be easy for me to do also, but having tried I don’t think it’s something I could really learn, and I feel a bit part of that is because I don’t really want to learn, you know?  I don’t enjoy sweating or exerting myself like that, I guess that sort of hard work gives some people pleasure, but not myself.  I do enjoy being outside, but more for relaxation and recreation, I really don’t like getting dirty (another reason I’m no good at gardening, I sort of panic when I have any kind of dirt on my hands).

    I feel that’s sort of funny about me, I could have flour all over my hands and feel perfectly fine, but not dirt or sweat, lol.

    I don’t feel it’s strictly a man-woman thing, some men hate doing this, and I’ve obviously seen some women do it.  I guess really just my personality isn’t suited for labor, and I don’t believe it’s at all about my work ethic.  I can spend like three hours in my kitchen on my feet working on a meal and I don’t feel tired or discouraged at all, or bent over in my bathroom filing my feet (I’m obsessed with keeping those pretty, lol), but 45 minutes outside working with equipment breaks me, I think that’s really interesting.

    I so wish I was better at gardening, but I’m afraid both my thumbs are black, I could probably kill an artificial plant XD

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