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    Hi everyone. I thought I would pick an interesting title for something which I realised yesterday. I was going into town to do the weekly shop and realised what having to wear a mask in the shop would mean. Having sensitive skin I usually cover up well with makeup. I start with a high spf moisturiser and go on with foundation as well which blends things in and hopefully also provides extra protection. This is coloured which, as we know, tends to stain things. I realised that I would have to change things slightly, not using the foundation, which additionally means the mask can be more readily re-used as I would only be wearing for short periods.

    This results in a couple of issues, the first of which is that I needed to change my foundations to clearer products. Not an immediate issue as I have a clear matting primer foundation, but I will not buy any more of this as it appears to contain polymers so probably the plastic waste they are on about nowadays. I usually use powder but that is pigmented so a similar issue to the foundation. To me, shine is an issue!

    The second issue, which is perhaps more of a long term thing if the virus is about too long – If it gets to having to wear a mask for all outdoor things the likelihood is such that facial tanning will be mixed. The shape of the mask will be semi permanently etched on the face (hence giving Yogi Bear looks lol).

    Maybe an unlikely possibility but it did occur to me. I am just taking this lighthearted approach to ask how everyone who uses makeup is changing their routines to cope with the additional burden of the mask?


    Lol maybe it could become a fashion statement like having ski mask marks after winter sports….

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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