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Young women voting

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    I am feeling a little philosophical at the moment. Why do you think so few young people, especially women dont vote? If you think about it, it really wasnt that long ago when women couldnt vote so surely we should be even more adamant about exercisig our right?

    Do others on here vote? Do you or will you encourage your children to do the same?


    I vote, and I would encourage my children to vote.

    Anyone who says it doesn’t make a difference should look at the fact Scotland has the SNP with majority seats and not Labour.

    I never voted SNP though 😆 but they seem to be doing okay


    Don’t even get me started on the SNP! Anyway when it comes to voting, I think it is just as important for women to vote as men – neither more or less. I do think voting should be compulsory though – it is awful when you get turnout rates of less than 50%, especially when you consider how many people died and went to war to preserve our freedoms and democracy.


    I am 20 so haven’t voted yet, but will definitely be doing so in the next election. Actually, I am quite excited by it. I guess it makes me almost a grown up!


    I think it is just as important for girls to vote as it is for men. It doesn’t really matter about how hard we fought as women to get that right, the fact is whoever has it should exercise it. I repeatedly tell my students how important it is for them to register and vote, but I think politicians need to make more effort to get young people excited and interested in politics.

    Perhaps they need to reduce the voting age to 16?

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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