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Your April: The Monthly Thread

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    Just finished my volunteering for Monday afternoon. Facebook seems to have a limit for how many times I can like others’ shares in a certain time period, so I’ll leave the local church’s page for later. (Also need to catch up on that sermon/message from yesterday since I was hanging out with kids and didn’t get time for it.)

    Earlier, I got out for gas in the car (though I wish it were full-electric or a hybrid at least) and groceries. And, of course, a package at the post office. My mail-in voting package was also there for the by-election this month – our mayor quit after having taken a trip out of town (near Christmas, I think) and being critiqued strongly by people here who’ve been staying home…

    One of the things that arrived from Amazon was the first of a Star Trek: Discovery book series. So far I’m reading it aloud to the kids and editing out the nasty language as I go. (Plus I’m using white-out so that it’s cleaner for the next read. Silly idea? It came from my mum, actually!) I was also goofy and changed the champagne at a bon voyage party into pina colada. Hee hee.

    Still have recycling and garbage to get out to the dumpsters on our property (since we’ve got 28 townhouses here, we don’t use individual garbage bins). Sheets have been washed and we’re keeping up with other laundry and dishes. Go, us! 😉


    You’ve been busy, Rebecca!*

    I had a very long lie-in today. I then had a luxurious shower. I am airing out my apartment and drinking my cup of coffee. Browsing the Internet, too.

    Anyhow, I shall be going to my sister’s house later this afternoon. She is back in the office: her boss decided since all the highstreets were re-opening, so would the office. It is as it is!

    Enjoy your Tuesday afternoon and evening.

    *I will get back to you soon in FF messages!


    I’m going to make carrot muffins soon, then come up with some English or Science for school this morning.

    The boys are off for a lunch break at 11, spending time with their dad. I’ll cover the housecleaning we would normally do together – dusting and bathroom cleaning.

    I may also start dealing with the pantry shelves, which need a wipedown, unless I feel the time would be better spent going for a walk! (That’s usually my attitude – rainy days are good for cleaning and hanging indoors, but good weather means getting outside!)


    I LOVE carrot muffins, Rebecca. And I’m glad your boys are alright.

    Your pantry is worth cracking on with: at least then you know it’s done. Plus, it’ll be therapeutic to put on those cleaning gloves!



    I opted for the walk, but did get the bathroom clean, dusting done, and dishes washed. Woo hoo!

    We found a dip recipe at Crayons & Cravings: chocolate chip cookie dough dip. Going to try that soon. 😀


    I remembered to email back about the bowling alley for sale! (With an apartment!) I’ve got an 11 am appointment on Saturday to be shown the place by a realtor. I’ll probably need to check in with the community business helps there are, since the best hope of getting the business would be loans from one of the organisations that helps local business owners.

    Also got in a walk, made blueberry muffins, and got supplies ready for giving the middle guy a haircut. I’ve been wearing a pair of pajamas over top of my clothes, and using spare bed sheets over a chair. Makes it easier to clean up afterwards…


    Blueberry muffins sound yummy! I haven’t had any for a while.

    I am getting in a few walks at the moment as it continues to be sunny, but cold.


    Monday’s back! I’m going to enjoy a fresh chocolate chip muffin soon, and I’ve also steamed some eggs to use in salads and such. (I don’t boil them anymore because I would crack so many that way. Steaming works really well!)

    I should get a couple appointments booked or emails written to contact financing folks. After lunch, I’ll do a bit of volunteering and then have a video chat about leading a Bible study group online (arranged through a church in South Florida).


    I prepared for floor cleaning today by clearing away things taking up space on the floors. Winter clothing put away, since the boxes were waiting to go out to our storage shed; puzzle cleaned up from my bedroom floor (that had been on mats since carpets are hard to use for puzzles); flattened box from a new microwave oven also out to the shed… Now I’m waiting to start a new 3D puzzle until we’ve vacuumed – we use mats on the floor rather than solving those puzzles on a table. (No pets to mess with the pieces and the youngest is now old enough to leave them alone, most of the time.)

    I’ve also made blueberry muffins and put on a load of laundry. Good start to the day! I think I’ll go for a walk in the neighbourhood soon since it’s sunny.


    I have had a tidy up of my things yesterday as I received a large parcel which needed space. An old art easel which has never been very practical is now waiting for the next charity bag.

    We use wooden boards for puzzles Rebecca. That way they can easily be slid under the sofa while part finished.


    Have just private messaged you back KitKatKitty!


    I have been ordering skirts online. I bought myself a red maxi skirt and a floral a-line skirt. They are gorgeous. I also gave myself a manicure this morning: I used a clear glitter colour with clear nail polish coated on top.

    I have also put on a load of laundry and have drunk my daily cup of coffee. I am airing out my apartment, too.

    Anyhow, back to the skirts: I love summer and really need new clothing for this lovely weather. I always look good enough to eat!


    [quote quote=238115]
    We use wooden boards for puzzles Rebecca. That way they can easily be slid under the sofa while part finished.

    That would be a great idea! I don’t have a stowing place like that right now, but I’ll keep it mind – a few years ago, I opted for large floor cushions rather than a couch. Now we can just stack up the cushions in one spot if we want a lot of floor space for running, jumping, etc. 🙂 Every so often, I miss having a couch to stretch out on or a comfortable armchair/recliner…


    So far today, we’ve started the laundry (which includes bedsheets today) and the youngest learned to rinse dishes when we did them after breakfast. I also baked muffins, then read from a middle-school English book about writing stories and such.

    After snack, we went outside for a walk (and fresh air). The second load of laundry is on now (largest towels) and the younger boys are reading about dinosaurs. We’re also chatting here and there about Star Trek, video games, computer coding, and various topics.

    I might read from the middle-school World History book later in the day, but it can wait until tomorrow if time gets past us. I’ll be volunteering right after lunch, then we usually have popcorn (which started out as a reward for the boys being separate and quiet during my computer time, and is now part of the weekly routine).


    Today is a pretty normal day here. Everyone got ready for the day, I made fresh muffins (chocolate chip), started laundry, and we also got outside for walks/fun. (I went on my own, and I believe the boys all stayed together with our helper because they wanted to show him bridges they were making over a little stream). I also checked our box at the post office and headed to the grocery store with a list – with the major item being a cake! 🙂 (I’ll celebrate in a low-key way tomorrow for my divorce being final, and then the next day is my oldest sister’s birthday. Why not have cake both days?)

    I think pollen in the air got to me from being out this morning, so I’ve been dealing with a runny nose and not feeling like accomplishing more things so far this afternoon. I do have phone calls to book with the family doctor… And my next trim – I let my hair grow to shoulder-length (from about jaw length) but by the middle of May, I should have it cared for by the professionals and decide what length I want for summer… (I already know that the oldest boy will be ready for his buzz cut by the end of May. We can get eight weeks between cuts for him.)

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