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Your Choice Of Morning Drink: Tea or Coffee?

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    For me it’s coffee.

    Over to you!


    I love the smell of coffee.. We used to live in a village where the smell of the Douwe Egberts coffee factory would waft across the fields and after walking the dog I felt like Id had an entire pot of the stuff..

    However coffee does not like me and causes me severe stomach pain.

    So its tea all the way.. Most times we start with green tea natural or with lemon or pomegrante sometimes we have redbush with chai mango. Then its mostly builders through the day although I do love a cup of Earl grey..

    Only at bedtime do I waiver and go for hot chocolate (its helps me settle for the night)


    It’s always been coffee for me.


    My husband makes the best coffee,so I would say black coffee. We’re mostly retired, so we sit around for 2 hours most mornings chatting and enjoying my husbands delicious coffee.


    Usually coffee but, being Saturday, today was tea – Earl Grey today. I will still have a mid morning pot of coffee though. I drink a variation of different coffees and teas. Yesterday I remembered that I had some good mint growing in the garden so I had a lovely afternoon cup of mint tea, made with leaf tea and mint, and sweet.


    tea all the way !! 🙂


    Tea for me most of the time without sugar, I do have coffee a couple of times a day DOUWE EGBERTS black with a touch of sugar.


    I think I shall make myself a cup of tea now after re-reading this thread!

    I have to ask this: what brand and flavour of tea is your favourite? Mine is Tetley in the classic flavour. I also like PG Tips. I cannot stand Earl Grey. It has a herby taste to it and it really irritates me.

    Over to you!


    Earl Grey takes a bit of getting used to. I did not like it at one time but I tried a variation of teas and got used to unusual flavours. I buy mine here in Lincoln from a shop which has lots of different ones : https://imperialteas.co.uk/tea



    I actually import Typhoo from England  beacuse Dutch tea is a bit weak made to drink without milk and quite expensive.

    Earl Grey… there is a huge difference in taste just as with any other tea and sometimes the cheaper ones taste like old tea bag with a bit of dish soap added in. A good Earl Grey is softer than normal black tea and the citrus shouldnt be over powering just a hint… The one I like is one I buy in Germany and it has real bergamot oil in it not an artifical flavour.

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    Hiya, surprisingly I used to love Yorkshire tea but have found LIDL’s red label very nice. I suppose TWINNINGS breakfast tea is the classic one though as it reminds me of those trips away staying in hotels with hubby lol.



    I like green tea or ginger tea.

    It gives me a positive charge to start my day!


    Tea, Tea, Tea, Did I mention tea?

    I have personally never enjoyed coffee. I cannot see the hype with its specialised coffee shops and such like.

    I myself am decaff now after many years of caffeinated.

    Strong white tea with two sweetex. I can take sugar but choose not to and lactose-free milk when possible.

    I suppose you would say builders tea is the consistency of my go-to drink

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    @Rowena lactose free milk.. Have you always been lactose intolerant or is it a new thing? I ask because two of my children are L,I and I noticed after I reached 40 that if I had more than one glass of milk in a day it had a bad effect so we switched to lactose free and now no bad tummy..


    [quote quote=211252]

    I suppose you would say builders tea is the consistency of my go-to drink


    My supper drink is usually tea and mostly the only time I use teabags, preferring leaf tea. I buy the extra strong kind and drink it sweeter than most and black.

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