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Your favourite lipstick/lipgloss?

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    Hello ladies 🙂

    What is your favourite lipstick/lipgloss? I want to try some new ones.

    What I like in a lipstick: sheer colour, shiny rather than matte, comfortable. I can wear matte or liquid lipsticks but in that case in can’t be too drying.

    With lipglosses I like when they aren’t too sticky, with a hint of colour, without any grainy shimmer or glitter.

    Let me know your favourite ones! 🙂


    I prefer lipstick because usually lipglosses are sticky, as you say.

    Lipstick matt is ok if it has a brillant colour , type orange or rad,but if it is brown or other dark colours better polished!

    I think so


    My favourite lipsticks are the Rimmel London ones. As for lipgloss: that’s not my thing. I do also love Maybelline lipsticks and MAC lipsticks. Although I seldom buy MAC cosmetics. No: Rimmel London have my favourite shades and formula of lipsticks. I think they’re gorgeous and I love them!


    KitKatKitty do you have a favourite shade?


    I like lipstick rather than lipgloss.  My favourite brand is Sleek although I do use Rimmel and Maybelline too. I find the Sleek colours very solid with good texture, particularly the matt ones. I do tend to play with my artistic streak so usually a lip liner and tend to mix colours on my lips. A bit like contouring.




    Hi ghostgirl: I thought you could check out these links.

    Cupcakes and Cashmere is a great website anyway, but these lipstick guides are right up your alley.


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    My favourite Rimmel London lipsticks are:

    1. As You Want Victoria
    2. Asia
    3. Vintage Pink
    4. Drop Of Sherry
    5. Every Kate lipstick colour

    I LOVE lipstick. I really should wear it much more often! Thank you for inspiring me, ghostgirl.


    Lip gloss really doesn’t work for me, mostly it’s too sticky and travels. I like lipstick and I try everything, right now I’m into Urban Decay. My favorite shades are Ravenswood which is a cream, Hitch Hike and 1993 which are described as a comfort matte. These lipsticks stay on, don’t travel and do not dry your lips out. If you like a very moist lipstick these ones are not it.


    Lipgloss blah.. nasty sticky stuff only for teenagers..

    Lipstick I have to be very careful,  hypo allergenic from a local shop in bronze/pink shades


    Thats if I ever wear it which is rare..


    Lip gloss is so sticky so if you want to leave it on your glasses and cups feel free.


    KitKatKitty thank you, I will definitely check them out 🙂 thank you

    SpinningJen Sleek is a very nice brand, I have some eyeshadow palettes from them. I never use a full layer of lipstick anyway, I like more of a stain look so they might work that way for me 🙂 thank you for recommending

    Butterfield8 Urban Decay is a bit more expensive brand, I’ve never bough a high end lipstick. For how long do they last on the lips? Is the price worth it?

    cassandra / mikki To each their own I guess 😀 I never put a full layer of anything on my lips, unless it’s lipbalm, so I don’t experience stickiness so much. I guess it also depends on the brand, I know some lipglosses are like lip oils and those are very comfortable



    I don’t usually wear makeup, but I do put on a sheer colored lip balm every once in a while – Blistex Lip Vibrance.



    I love makeup. I have done since the first time I ever tried it with help from my mother. Yes I am one of those women that will not even put the bins out without some makeup on

    I’m a very dark makeup kind of wearer. Almost gothic I suppose. I can pull it off at my age lol.

    As for Lip gloss. I wouldn’t like to leave it on everything.

    Lipstick for me. My darker shade is Rimmel 810 One of a kind.

    For my more subtle days its Mac Lipfinity 220 Ever Enchanting


    Rowena thank you, the Rimmel 810 One of a kind shade looks wonderful, it’s exactly the kind of shade I would wear 🙂 thank you for recommending 🙂


    I fell in love with lipstick a long time ago. This sounds odd, but I love my teeth – and brush them twice a day, every day – and feel lipstick shows off my teeth. Plus, I had a lot of dental work done as a teenager and also had dental work as an adult. Because of this, I love my teeth. I shall always look after them.

    Lipstick does enhance the smile, so enjoy your lipstick! And that Rimmel “One Of A Kind” sounds like a gorgeous colour. I shall purchase said lipstick myself!

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