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Your home town..

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    So..come on the good, the bad, the ugly.. where ? whats it like? what do you love and what do you hate about where you live..

    I live in Leeuwarden its the capital of the province of Friesland which in turn is a province in the north of the Netherlands, a place named as a hidden pearl by lonely planet.

    Whats good..

    Friendly people say hello on the street , lots of people still leave their door on the latch so you just walk in and yell Folk, to let them know youre there. There is a sense of community sometimes a little too much so that it feels slighlty hostile or off putting for newcomers.

    The local council are involved with the people and there are lots of local amenities and resourses to fall back on should the need arise.

    Friesland and Leeuwarden are considered the poorest places in the country and yet most of the time it really doesnt feel that way. I know we have a food bank and a homeless community but even those people are included, many are well known and have regular ‘angels’ who give money or meals to them.


    The countryside, this is a farming community and youre never far from a farm, wildlife is abundant and there is always soemthing to see when youre out and about.

    The bad,

    people do feel involved and that sense of community can get in the way when change comes along. People will become very verbal when they feel that something is not their way of doing things.  Some of the change we are seeing( mainly among the young) is the influence of big cities and places beyond our borders and that is harsh .

    The ugly… Well some of the architecture is …well I shake my head in wonder. I can appreciate modern but it seems like any tom dick or harry gets a go at designing public buildings here with little or no thought as to how they will fit in.


    What do I love?

    The freedom. I walk early I walk late I walk through the park on my own I walk through the town taking photos ..I never worry about being stopped mugged or anything worse..  The space, seeing the stars on every clear night seeing the sun come up over the horizon at ground level. The tradition and the warmth. The fact that people still trust each other we hold the keys for several neighbours and neighbours will take in parcels for each other lend a bike or even a car to each other.

    What do I hate?

    Sometimes the mud.. after a rainy season it seems that no where is free of mud. This is no place for pretty high heeled shoes. Everyone has a pair of wellingtons. The lack of attention to rules. It drives me mad that people still cycle without lights and while using their phone they ride on pavements ignore traffic signs etc.. The police do the the odd control but generally its a case of ‘if anything happens its your own fault’.

    Theres more but thats a quick run down and now over to you… Lets hear about your home town..


    The Good

    I live in a small market town in Northamptonshire, Britain. I have lived here since 1993. The good aspects of living here are the access to bigger towns and cities: such as Milton Keynes, Oxford, Daventry, Northampton, Pottersbury, Stoke Burene, Silverstone and Stony Stratford. The bus service is excellent. There are local amenities and a big Tesco and Waitrose. There are a lot of pubs, cafes: there is even a Costa. There are other services, such as beauty salons, hairdressers and local businesses. There are also garages and fantastic shops. Plus, there’s a health centre and two chemists, which I always use.

    The Bad

    I can’t think of many bad aspects of living here BUT there are far too many beauty salons. No one town needs 4 or 5 of them. There is not much else at fault here. However, I am upset that the local night school is gone. I loved that night school. It is tragic and I do miss going out in the evening to sit in those classrooms.

    What Do I Love?

    I love how friendly the people. Everyone helps each other out. I also love the bus service. I can’t drive, so it’s really handy.

    What Do I Hate?

    Every town has its problems and I don’t like some of the rundown houses. I hate the fact where I work relocated. I don’t have the office space I had before and wish the charity was in my town again. I feel I would’ve worked there for years more if the charity had stayed in my home town. But that’s another story.


    @KitKatKitty  I used to live in Burton Latimer ( yes the place where they make weetabix) and we always  did our shopping at the big Tesco at Weston Favell  not sure if its still there…


    I came from a village in Essex, it was  lovely growing up there as a girl but now alas there are houses being built everywhere and my little village has nearly gone now.


    I’ve been to Essex, mikki: it is beautiful there. I treasure memories from that time. I loved cycling with my family around & about all the country lanes and cycling tracks. Epping forest is beautiful, too.

    A great county.


    My home Town is Lincoln. A bit of a mixture of a place that partly lives in the past but is messily groping toward the future.

    The fairly recent addition of the university has changed things greatly in the past few years as, being fairly small, the addition of lots of students has had an impact.

    The good:

    It’s still friendly in the main with people openly talking to each other.


    The bad:

    The usual population of druggies to be avoided. Cafe culture has changed the face of things and the old market is virtually gone. Bigger organisations like the Co-op are pricing small businesses out; things not being helped by the business rates.


    What I love:

    I actually live in a village outside of the city so have beautiful countryside.


    What I hate:

    Fighting my way past roadworks, closed roads and rounds in a poor state when travelling by car. These days it can and sometimes is lethal to travel by bicycle on the roads, especially at night with deep potholes everywhere. It can then be dangerous to travel by car.


    I love, love, love the countryside. In fact, I love Ireland for that very reason. It isn’t my first home, but I consider Ireland to be part of my soul. I love Britain, but Ireland belongs deep in my heart.

    I also love countryside in England. The spring and summer months are gorgeous. Plus, I don’t suffer from hayfever anymore* I really enjoy wandering the fields and country roads. This time of year is great for horseriding, too.



    I live in Colorado Springs (since 1986)

    The Good

    It’s semi-arid climate is the best of all the places I’ve lived.  We don’t get clobbered by snow on a regular basis, and it doesn’t stick around for long.  Denver gets, on the average, about 50% more per year than we do.

    It’s a large metropolis.  There are only about 470K people in Colorado Springs proper, but nearly 750K in El Paso County.  We are also the largest city in Colorado by area and the second most populous.

    There are tons of things to do here.  The hiking and biking trails are too numerous to mention.

    We have many days of sunshine per year…some say 243, some say 300…still, it’s a lot.

    The sky here is soooo blue!


    The Bad

    It gets windy here.  Just last week, we had sustained winds of about 45 mph, with gusts up to 65 mph.

    We get wild temperature changes…hot one day and cold the next or vice versa.


    What I love

    Low crime rate compared to other cities our size.

    I live in an older suburb built in the 60s/70s with mature trees and long-time neighbors.


    What I hate

    I read somewhere that Colorado Springs is our nation’s fourth most Conservative city.  The Conservatives surrounding me on a daily basis have to politicize everything.   For example, a coworker and I noticed for several days a dead rabbit outside our building.  When the carcass disappeared, he commented that some “coyote probably came along and decided to take advantage of the free meal…must have been a liberal.”

    We also have an amendment to our constitution called TABOR…The Taxpayers Bill of Rights…which limits how much the state can keep and spend, and that any tax increase would have to be approved by voters.  If they don’t spend it all, it has to be refunded to the citizens.  God forbid that the gubmint would keep $5 of our money for an emergency.  Because of this, our roads are in major disrepair.  In 2018, a measure to rescind TABOR failed to pass.  Oh, by the way, the author of TABOR spent time in jail for, you guessed it, tax evasion.


    Hi Jen, like you I find roadworks a real pain along with all the potholes. Also if you are out in the evening they just close roads off and almost laugh at you when you complain about the long diversion. I once needed a pee badly and had to drive a further 6 miles to get home, luckily I made it with dry knickers lol.


    I am glad you go home dry Mikki. When I was working in the community I had those issues all the time. I remember one time a level crossing was closed, even to pedestrians, and the house I was visiting was within view just the other side, I had to go round ten miles or more to come from the other direction. Yet another time I came across a closed subsided road. I dared to drive down the middle of that as I had no idea of the way round otherwise. These issues with roads down the fens, literally in the middle of nowhere. Lincoln is a bit of a pain at the moment as, apart from normal closures, they are building the eastern ring road, promised for so long, to bypass the city, It will not go all the way round the south to link at both ends with the existing northern / western ring so, I feel, half a solution and I wonder how good? Just to say that it can be chaotic in places at times. Remembering my travels, I feel for strangers passing through.


    Ring roads ,  a great idea but,, we have a new one round our city which is tiny 100,000 people  because of the ring we now have Lwd south , west etc. A friend came to visit me and although shes lived just down the road all her life she almost ended up bypassing the town altogether because she took the wrong exit!  They are a good idea to relieve traffic in the town but they do take some getting used to..

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