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How to Help Your Man Choose a Great New Hairstyle

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Come on, ladies. Isn’t it true that we want our men to look their best? Yet, the sad reality is that most men go through their lives with the same hairstyle – whether it is in style or not. Are you in a relationship with a man who is a creature of habit? Is he still sporting the same hair style that he has had since his youth? If so, it’s time to make over your man’s head.

As you probably already know, men have more pronounced face shapes than women due to their bone structure and hormonal composition. To find a suitable hairstyle or cut for your man, you need to first determine his face shape. It’s true! Just like women, men have different face shapes. Some hairstyles will work for certain face shapes and others will not.

Hairstyles for men with square faces

Men in the square face category look best when they have a hairstyle/cut that emphasizes and re-creates their face’s square shape. This means cuts will have cleanly squared off corners and the area around the ears will be cut clean. Messy hairstyles can work well for men who have square face shapes, too. Examples include the spiky faux-hawk or even the thick flat top. Examples of men who have the classic square shaped face are Nick Lachey, Matt Damon, and Enrique Iglesias.

Hairstyles for men with square/rectangular faces

Examples of men who have a more square/rectangular face shape are Charlie Sheen and Ben Affleck. Men with this face shape should follow the guidelines for square faces above, but they may want to add some messy bangs. Growing a mustache or a goatee can also help a man with a square/rectangular face look even more masculine. They both help to reduce the rectangular image and make it appear squarer.

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Hairstyles for men with round faces

A few male celebrities who have round faces are Elijah Wood, Stevie Wonder, and Gerald Butler. Hairstyles for men with round faces are intended to slenderize the face. Styles that have off center parts, height and fullness at the crown, or spiky tops all tend to make the head and face look longer. Men with round faces who want to wear longer hair can do so, yet they should keep their hair close to their cheeks. Beards work well on round faces, as do neat mustaches.

Hairstyles for men with oval faces

Both Kid Rock and Jude Law have the classic oval shaped face. This face shape is well balanced and works well with short, medium or long hairstyles. In other words, men with oval faces have fewer limitations in regards to cuts and styles. Most anything will work. The only thing that oval faced men should consider is they may want to avoid a style that hangs in their face and eyes as it may make their face not seem as balanced.

Choosing the right hairstyle for your man’s facial features

In addition to face shape, there are other things to take into consideration when helping your man decide on a hairstyle or cut. For instance, a man with a prominent nose may benefit from a style where the hair comes forward on the sides and forehead. A hairstyle that is longer and fuller with help to minimize the appearance of a long neck. On the other hand, men with short necks generally look better when their hairstyles expose their necks. This gives the neck a longer appearance.

Men with soft jaw-lines may want to opt for a beard as it offsets the softer lines of the jaw. Also, darker colored beards add strength to the jaw. Lighter colored beards will give the face a softer profile. Receding and short foreheads can be minimized with bangs and side parts will generally minimize a large forehead.

When in doubt as to the best hairstyle for your man, consult with a hair professional. Besides his face shape and features, a hair professional will consider additional factors when determining a good style – such as your man’s hair texture, lifestyle, and occupation.

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  1. What about curls? I think there are a lot of men who would look very good with curls or waves. I do my guys hair with this wand: https://amzn.to/2xRoDVi
    It doesn’t look too girly (the wand) and I like his hair with curls. It isn’t too difficult if a second person does it and as we all know men aren’t very patient. So he can look TV or listen to music while I do his hair. So we both have fun and spend some time together.

  2. My guy has lovely thick blonde hair that just seems to frame his face wonderfully, it is slightly unkempt but what ever he does to it my legs still go to jelly when he looks at me. AHHHH

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