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Here’s What You Need to Know Before You Have Cosmetic Surgery

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The decision to have cosmetic surgery should not be taken lightly. Whether it is an elective surgery such as a tummy tuck or a necessary surgery to correct a physical deformity, if you are considering cosmetic surgery take the time to become educated on the surgeon you’re using, the facility and whether or not your medical coverage will accept the procedure you are having.

Finding a legitimate surgeon for cosmetic surgery

First and foremost, an accredited surgeon should be the most important thing to have. Be prepared to interview the surgeon you are considering at length before going under the knife with him or her.

Friends and family who have had cosmetic surgery can be a fountain of information. Many are more than willing to share not only their good experiences but their bad ones as well. If you know of someone who liked their cosmetic surgeon, get all the details from them including what they thought of the surgeon’s bedside manner and how they felt they were treated at his or her facility.

An online search can yield a good response of properly accredited surgeons. Many provinces and countries have board certified surgeons listed in an easy to find database. Some of the websites also offer patients the opportunity rate the surgeons as well. Some print their area of expertise, their licensing, and their field of specialty.

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When you do meet with the surgeon take the time to find out if you are comfortable with them. Ask questions about anything you aren’t sure of and don’t feel like you have to take one surgeon’s word; you are well within your rights to seek a second opinion and interview numerous surgeons to find one you are comfortable with.

Medical coverage for cosmetic surgery

No matter where you carry out your cosmetic procedures, unless your doctor or surgeon has deemed it medically necessary, you may be required to pay some or all of the cost. There are numerous fees included in cosmetic procedures and the total bill can become quite costly. Find out in advance what will be covered and what you will have to pay for yourself. Anything not immediately covered may be worth appealing.

Finding a safe surgical facility for cosmetic surgery

When it’s time for your consultation, request a tour of the facility. Many accredited surgical facilities will offer a tour and show you where the procedure will take place in addition to pre-procedure steps and testing.

While you are visiting, inquire not only about the facility and its permissions but also the other faculty and staff. There is no harm in asking how many years of experience they have or how long they’ve been assisting in cosmetic procedures. Lastly, find out about the types of anesthesia they will be using in addition to the pain medications that you could be prescribed. The surgery facility should have licensing and accreditation that they can show you. Running into stone walls or reluctance to provide you the proper documentation is a red flag that you should continue your search for a legitimate facility and surgeon as well as staff. Inspections and licensing should be your top concerns when touring a facility.

It’s important that you have a safe procedure. This includes being a diligent and informed patient about every aspect of your healthcare. Interviewing the people that will be in charge or a part of your care is vital to getting a clear picture of not only what to expect but if you feel comfortable putting yourself in the care of the surgeon, his or her staff, and the facility.

The decision to have any surgery should not be taken lightly. Your health and your well-being should be on the forefront of your mind as you research finding the right surgeon and the right facility. Once you know where you stand with your medical coverage you can begin looking for the surgeon that best fits your needs. One thing to remember is not to compromise yourself. If you feel strongly against something or you discover last minute changes have been made to your procedure you are free to back out and re-evaluate the decision.

Regardless of what you do, the cosmetic surgery procedure should be a rewarding one, regardless of your reasons

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