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A Lazy Guide for Fabulous Summer Nail Designs

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Summer is here, so it’s time to celebrate with some summery nail designs! Follow this guide to easily create your own summer nail art!

What you need to paint summer nail designs

You will need:

  • 6x bright nail colors
  • 1x pointed tool (toothpick/old biro)
  • 1x bobby pin
  • 1x piece of paper

Starfish nail design

This cute design is very easy to achieve with a bobby pin. Begin by painting your nails an eye-catching colour, like the lilac hue used in the image. Next take a vivid orange hue and a bright yellow, and daub a little bit of each onto your piece of paper. Dip the bobbled end of your bobby pin into this orange colour rather than straight into the pot to prevent grabbing too much product. Dot the shape of a star onto your nail and then join the dots to create smooth color. Dotting rather than drawing will allow less room for mistakes. Finish by dipping your chosen pointed tool into the yellow colour, and use this to accent your starfish.

Wave nail design

This is probably the trickiest of the six nails to achieve as it requires the most concentration. Begin by painting your nails a bright color, and then daub some blue nail color onto your sheet of paper. Using the pointed tool, draw a curl onto the center of the nail and extend it downwards toward the base. Draw another curl to the right of this, extending out a little further to create a triangle shape. The rest of the wave can be filled in with your nail color brush as it covers a larger area; make the triangle shape and then wing the blue color outwards either side of the main wave. Accent with a touch of white nail color to create the foam.

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Ice cream nail design

Paint the nail with an all over base color and then wait to dry. Choose a contrasting hue for the ice cream drips. Take your nail color brush and daub three big drops onto the top third of the nail. Wipe the excess off the brush, and then drag some of the color from the drops upwards, and curve the brush around to join them up. Make sure you wait for this one to dry properly, as it can take a little while.

Cone nail design

Paint the orange color all over the nail and wait to dry. Next, take the bobby pin and create a diamond grid pattern on the nail in yellow dots, which will give you an ideal template for your stripes. Finally (with a steady hand!) join the dots together with your nail color brush in single lines. Be careful not to overload the brush with color as this can drip down and ruin your design.

Abstract print nail design

Paint your nail an all over base color and wait to dry. Next, take a contrasting color and wipe the excess off the brush. Carefully draw a ‘v’ shape on the tip of the nail before filling in. If your lines are a little wonky, it doesn’t matter too much- you can cover up mistakes with the white accent. These dots are easily achieved with the bobbly end of a bobby pin. As before, daub a little color onto your sheet of paper to avoid picking up too much product, and then dot evenly along the ‘v’ shape to create an abstract shape.

Sprinkles nail design

This design is so much fun to create. Paint the entire nail ice cream white and wait to dry. Then daub all of the colors you have onto a sheet of paper, and use the pointed tool to dot small sprinkle shapes all over the nail. The more colors you use the better!

This article was written by Emma Leslie. Emma writes for www.escentual.com, a makeup and perfume website. She loves trying out new techniques and thinks that fabulous nails are well worth the extra time and effort.

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  1. I love these. Beautifully painted nails helped me stop biting them finally after many, many years! Another trick is that people don’t look too closely so don’t worry if you make a mistake 🙂

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