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How to Make Your Online Dating Profile Stand Out From All the Others

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If you are going to list yourself on a dating site, you should know that it is easy for your profile to get lost among all of the other dating profiles. Dating profiles start to run together after a while because they can begin to sound the same. Follow the tips below and your dating profile will stand out from the crowd.

The perfect dating site photo

Even if you describe your appearance in great detail on a dating site, people will generally pass you by if you do not post a photo of yourself. No one is truly going to get serious and talk with someone if they don’t know what the person they are talking to looks like. You will need to post a picture of yourself if you are serious about connecting with potential dating partners. If you don’t post a photo, people who are searching through the profiles will generally think you are a poser, not who you say you are, or that you are not serious about dating.

So, bite the bullet, take a leap, and put a photo of yourself on your profile. Put up a picture that shows you at your most attractive. The picture shouldn’t be a ‘glamour’ shot or one that is ten years old. It should be a photo that is current to how you look now. It should be clear, focused, and flattering.

If you do not have any current pictures of yourself, take some new ones or have a friend take some of you. Before you take the pictures, do yourself up. It goes without saying that you should be showered and styled. If you need a color-job or a haircut, get it done before taking the picture.

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Pay special attention to your makeup and try to draw attention to your eyes. This will be what potential matches will be looking at—your eyes. They will be looking at your eyes to find out things about you. As for your clothes, wear what you would normally wear if you were going on a date. It should be something that reflects your style and taste.

Practice poses and facial expressions in the mirror until you find one that communicates that you are approachable, happy, warm and sincere. No pouty lips or over the top sexy and sultry looks. While it may get you noticed, it can also backfire and intimidate men from contacting you. After the pictures have been taken, choose one that shows you at your best and that has open body language.

How to craft a great dating site profile

The details you list on your profile should be positive. They should convey who you are as a person and make you sound like the dream date and the great potential life-partner that you truly are. Be careful in your wording. If you come across as promiscuous you will only attract men who are looking for a booty-call hookup. Your details should not tease and sexually excite, but tantalize and pique the interest.

Before you write your profile, reflect on who you are and what you want to convey about yourself to others. Then, use descriptive words that honestly describe you. If you are a faithful person, say so. If you are adventurous, say so. If you have a big sense of humor, let that shine in your details.

About humor, avoid putting ‘haha’ or ‘lol’ if you are making a joke or being funny in your profile. People are intelligent and they don’t need to be told if something is funny. If you are writing something that may not be taken as a joke, leave it off of your profile.

In regards to the length, keep the details real and to the point. No one is going to read an essay. And, before you post your details on the dating site, go over everything and make sure you have used proper spelling and punctuation. The occasional typo is fine, but you do want to convey that you are intelligent and that you took the time to fill out the form properly.

Dating site safety

The purpose of your dating profile is to let potential matches know how great you are. The details that you give should not be so personal that anyone reading it could locate you with a little effort. In other words, do not put so much information about yourself on dating sites that it becomes dangerous for you or your family and friends. You don’t want an undesirable showing up at your workplace or on your doorstep.

Tell the truth and be consistent!

When you join a dating site and connect with someone, the chances are very high they are going to search for you on other social networking sites such as Facebook. Make sure your dating profile is consistent with what you have listed at these other places. For instance, if you haven’t updated these other sites in a while and you are listed ‘In a Relationship’ on other sites, it could cause you problems. Your potential match may think you are lying about being single.

Also, if you previously said online that you hate dogs, don’t lie on a dating site and say you like dogs just because you are talking to a man who owns three dogs. Or, if you say that you aren’t a drinker – but your friend has tagged you in a photo on another social networking site and you are partying your behind off, you’ll get found out. In today’s world, these kinds of things have a way of coming back to bite you. If necessary, update and clean-up your other profiles, un-tag yourself from pictures that are unfavorable, or delete yourself completely from other social networking sites.

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