• Goodness that’s quite sad really. Personally I have two user names. One I use here and on a personal twitter account where I can talk about my personal self. The other I use in more professional settings. Even that seems a little unauthentic at times. However, it does enable me to discuss things here I wouldn’t want people who know me to know or…[Read more]

  • I’m with Martin. After reading about the aspartame in artificial sweeteners I’ve stayed well clear of them. I figure also that ‘lite’ doesn’t necessarily mean ‘health’. As Martin points out, the ‘lite’ products have enormous amounts of chemical additives. If it were just a matter of being fat reduced without all the additives it wouldn’t be so…[Read more]

  • I too hated making that call and there were many times when I went to work sick just to avoid ringing.

    It’s quite ridiculous when you think about it though, your work performance isn’t going to be up to standard if you aren’t well. In a few of my jobs I was casual so didn’t get paid for sick days so it wasn’t like they were paying me to be at…[Read more]

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    How lovely cassandra and what beautiful memories for you.

    I’m finding the more people I speak too, the more common it is becoming to allow for others and truly see everyone as a valuable part of our society and communities as a whole. I can go to the park and its not uncommon to have a few groups of people join in a game of cricket. Getting…[Read more]

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    Hi HanNicole! Welcome!

    I’m so pleased you had a need to join us too. I’m looking forward to chatting with you around the place.

    Make yourself at home and enjoy!


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    Hiya Morphine! Welcome!!

    A strange desire to join… well we’re certainly pleased you had that! Make yourself at home and I’m looking forward to chatting with you around the forums.

    Great to have you with us!!! 🙂

  • Hi Jane and welcome!

    It’s great to have you onboard and I look forward to chatting with you around the forums.

    I can’t guarantee my dragon in ‘The Room’ thread in ‘Just For Fun’ won’t bite considering he’s old and cranky most of the time, but you can be sure that any teeth marks he left would disappear immediately upon leaving the room…[Read more]

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    Hiya Bex and welcome to the forum. Sorry I’m late in welcoming you.

    In the past I’ve taken in children (mostly teenagers) but not as a foster parent. They were mainly friends my children had met along the way who were homeless. We just opened our doors to them and helped them get on their feet. They were welcome to stay as long as they wanted…[Read more]

  • jealousy is good really because it motivates you to move on and do something positive ..aka fimding out who you really are and accepting yourself x

    I agree with you Sunshine. Our emotions are a wonderful tool and can be used as a guidance system for ourselves, allowing us to see where we’re really at and what it is we’re really looking for,…[Read more]

  • Its pretty sad isn’t it. I wonder what state of destitution this woman is in though and maybe she is doing it to feed herself or even children? It’s very sad either way that people resort to this sort of thing.

  • I can’t think of anyone I’d like to shoot. I’m brain dead (perhaps someone shot me LOL)

    Funny stuff though! 😆

  • ah see now this is where it gets interesting because I thought you had snow, reindeer and sleighs etc in the UK! Don’t you??????

  • Ah… an oldie but a goodie – always gives me a laugh! Good one Lavonne! 😆

  • It’s a great idea Martin! I for one will be using it often ;-P 🙂

  • The little dog I had used to get a bit overweight from time to time, but I don’t think to the point where she’d have been considered obese. We used to change her food and exercise her more whenever she did put on the weight. Problem with it all was the kids used to share their food with her and she’d never refuse. Once they got older they realised…[Read more]

  • I’ve spent hundreds of dollars over the years on skin care products mostly hundreds because it used to be that the more natural a product was ie. chemical free, the more expensive it was. Now that’s not so much the case and I spend much less. The interesting thing is that even some of the really expensive products still have things like Sodium…[Read more]

  • My first two babies were born in the era where husbands waited outside the birthing suite until the announcement was made that the baby was born. You weren’t even allowed to have anyone in the room with you. It wasn’t until the mum and baby were all cleaned up and presentable that the dad was allowed in. I think this had an enormous impact on the…[Read more]

  • Yes, I’ve seen it often Souxi. It’s as though girls actually get a lot of energy out of dramatizing and being involved in all the drama going on. I think its why a lot of TV shows (soapies) are like this as they’re geared towards a female audience.

    I don’t know why it is. I have a daughter in law who is lost without some sort of drama in her…[Read more]

  • My ex and I were often coming from different angles over discipline. Mainly because he didn’t agree with the stereo being on cause he hated the noise and things like that. It was hard because I knew they just wanted their own space and him his but he wouldn’t allow them any. He was really tough at times and they really felt it. Now their older…[Read more]

  • My daughter truanted once at school (well once that I know of 😆 ). The school rang me and we had a discussion. It ended up being that she was struggling with another kid at school so it allowed that to come out in the open and the problem get sorted – so for her it was a great outcome. I did once when i was in high school and same as you…[Read more]

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