• Hi,


    I’m still doing the maximum punishment imposed by the family court, total ban on seeing them until they turn 18 and not being allowed to appeal ever


    its still killing me but i’ve had time to ”adjust” and learn to live with the pain and the emptiness. it never goes away its there all the time but i have to try and live with…[Read more]

  • Hi, i hope you’re all well

    Things have got a whole lot worse since i last posted here. I have now been punished by the court by being [strong]banned from seeing my boys all together, no contact, nothing. The judge has ordered this to last until they reach 18[/strong]

    The judge said he felt i was being too difficult and he couldn’t see…[Read more]

  • Hi there, thanks for the reply

    My ex has a job with status and earns a lot more than i do so was able to get good representation, i wasn’t. I had to get legal aid. I have had family members criticize me over it, as they say i should have been hiring a top notch lawyer. What they don’t seem to appreciate is that could i afford it i would have…[Read more]