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    Never tried zorbing, but it would be a great way to die. Murder mystery weekends are fun, you get to dress as a weirdo for the evening. Treasure hunts are also cool, with bracelets and perfumes as treasure.


    I would just go shopping for perfume, there are so many nice scents out there right now.:p


    If he acts like that over a bag of sugar, ask yourself whether he’s really worth it. :p


    The classic car is good. A private jet and a yacht would be even nicer.


    I do like those silver shoes. :p


    You mean like Uncle Buck? :p He was quite attractive and larger people can pick you up like a bear.


    Well for a start one of the most lesbian girls I know is about as near to barbie as you can get a total girlie girl.

    Haha, you can also be really girly and bake cakes, buy perfume, jewellery and make-up. Most lesbians I’ve known are more lipstick lesbians. But, my male friends are more macho types.


    I have a friend who is having a tough time in her marriage… in fact it’s been going on endlessly.

    When asked why she doesn’t leave she always comes up the the same answer “I don’t want to leave as it would feel as if I am running away”

    So my question is….

    “When is leaving a relationship “running away” or “just leaving” !!!!!!

    Maybe he has some kind of psychological hold over her, but usually if there’s a door open you can run for it while you can.


    I like red, pink and peach lipstick.


    Maybe you shouldn’t worry so much, there are far worse things that can happen in life. Marriage should be a romantic and happy time, full of optimism and joy. :p


    I’m in my early thirties but looking forward to being in my fifties. :p


    Magical where you been… Your responses always put a smile on my face lol

    Just been zipping around looking for books, hope you’re well. :p


    The Eye, more of a horror.


    It doesn’t really interest me, I prefer shopping for perfume and hair accessories. :p


    I prefer a knitting machine, I love patterns. :p

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 100 total)