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    Hi Souxi 🙂
    I am very pleased that you remember me 🙂
    I had a lot of work lately, so there was almost no free time…
    But I’ll try to appear on the forum more often 🙂


    I have a lot of silver jewelry, most of them are designer pendants and earrings. I love the original work of young designers, and they often use silver. In addition, to my appearance more suited white metals. So my choice – white gold and silver.

    If someone gave me jewelry in yellow gold, I give them to my mother, she loves yellow gold 🙂


    Good day!
    In Moscow is sunny and warm, inspite of morning rain ))
    I’m enjoy my break on my work. Today is very busy day, I made a lot of documents for my future travel, and I had a lot of work today. But in evening I’ll go shoping!!! I plan to buy new summer dresses, and, maybe, an outfit for the wedding of my niece )))


    kezflake, glad to see you too )))
    I’m dieting at the moment, and I ceased to have any chocolate. But I’m the great sweet-tooth ))) And it’s sad without candy sometimes )))


    Souxi, thank a lot 🙂


    I want to hug my mom, I so miss for her… and my dad, and my grandmother, and my aunt, and all my brothers 🙂 I’ll see all of them soon. And I want to hug my best friend. She needs me today, she call me and tell about great problems on her work. And I want to hug my friends little daughter, she is my goddaughter 🙂


    I always make lists and try to stick to it 🙂 But my husband usually buys a lot of products, that are not in my list! He see chips, sweets and so on near the kash desk and he put all ot this into the basket, and I can’t resist him 🙂

    Souxi, what means “OH”?


    I can… But sometimes it’s depends on a secret. For example, if my colleague tells me about surprise that she prepared for our common friend, I can speak about this with my husband or my mom, which doesn’t know my colleague or my friend…
    But if secret is really serious I’ll keep it, and I’ll never tell about it with anybody.


    Martin 😀
    It’s great idea 😀
    I’ll go in my own town on the holidays. May be I’ll do some new fotos and show all of you 😉


    I lost dog and cat… It’s very difficult to pass such loss.
    I was a child than my lovely little dog died. She was 15, and it was naturally, but I can’t believed that I had never walking with her… Then we loose her, I cryed so much that I couldn’t go to school during a week.
    And my lovely cat was very ill, we tryed to cure her, but she still died. I’m still miss my pets 🙁


    I’m 24, feel myself 16 😉


    Souxi, *Dawny* we have no snow in the Moscow yet 🙂 Moscow winter is not too cold, it’s more raw and rainy than snowy and frosty 🙂 Fox example, last week we have a temperature +7 C
    But there is a lot of snow in the others part of Russia. My own town is in Siberia, and Siberia’s winter is very cold and snowy. Today temperature here is -20 C, and it’s not very cold for this region.
    I already show this fotos at the forum, but may be you doesn’t saw it:
    This is winter in my own town 🙂


    My family used to come together in Christmas, despite of the fact my brothers my parents and I all living in the different places. And it’s my main pleasure – to see my elder brothers with they wifes and children, and my junior brother with his girlfriend. Some of them I can see only once in the year, on the Christmas dinner. So I think that the greatest tradition is to come together in the family 🙂


    I done family tree a few years ago. It was difficult to find and accumulate all information. I had a lot of talks with my mom, her sisters and others, and I wrote all facts and names that they remembered. Sometimes they have said me different information 🙂 But I was very proud of myself, when I finished this work.
    I hope, you will make family tree, it’s really great thing 🙂


    I’m working in the fashion bussines, in the team of young russian designer. I chose this work, because it’s interesting for all girls to work in company that makes clothing 😉

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 55 total)