• I struggle to remember how I coped as a teenager in the 90’s….I ceratainly don’t think todays teens would manage if we suddenly lost all modern communication methods. Some of them are GLUED to their phones!!

    I woudl say I could manage without the internet but I don’t think I could. Not because I want to update my status (lol) but because I…[Read more]

  • My boys were fantastic sleepers, no complaints there. My daughter was a lot more difficult though. After the first couple of weeks she decided that she didn’t like her cradel, and screamed holy murder. Most nights I was up till 4am, with her in her lie back vibrating chair, which was the only place she would sleep, while I tried to get an hour or…[Read more]

  • How many times have us parents heard that? Do your kids constantly nag you for the latest gizmo? Are they driving you mad with their constant demands for this and that all the time?

    Do they ask for the latest game as soon as it comes out because all their mates have got it? Or is your daughter nagging you for the latest fashion all the…

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  • I guess it all depends on who’s popular with the tabloids and who isn’t

    They seem to control the demands of the nation these days *rolls eyes*

  • We haven’t been on holiday snce we had our youngest, but yes – it is sooo expensive!

    Even holidays in britain, the amount they bump the prices up by in peak season is crazy. I wouldn’t mind taking myeldest out of school ,as long as he wasnt missing anything important.

  • I wouldn’t ask for a pay rise – the organisation that pays me has a set pay scale and no one can change that.

    OH is pretty good at getting pay rises. He has been in his current job a year, and is good at what he does. (He basically turned the palce around when he started managing) so he asked for a pay rise and got 2.5k, with the promise that…[Read more]

  • I agree with you. How anyone can carry on after something like that happening to their child is unbelievable, especially to go on and help protect other children, it’s commendable.

  • Wow – that was some 200th post

    I echo all your sentiments and look forward to reading your next 200 🙂