• Thank you kitkatkitty 🙂  i agree with you. I am actually surprised at myself for staying this long with him but it seems we need each other for whatever reason. It seems whatever boundaries he’s crossed he sincerely apologized for and is making changes. He knows that now we will be done if he ever crosses a boundary again. Its not a threat and i…[Read more]

  • Thank you all for your responses! I am very grateful!  You all are saying what i have felt all along.

    Rebeccajpanda yes i did explain why it wasnt good for our relationship. He seems sincere about stopping and he also really doesnt know why he does it but he seemed sincere to understand why its hurtful to me and doesnt want to hurt me.

    We do…[Read more]

  • He wanted to share you with his friends? I mean letting them make a pass at you and not getting mad or doing anything to stop it?

    He says he’s in no way a jealous person but why would not being a jealous person allow him to feel its ok for his friends to make a move on his g/f ?  I dont get it or am i missing something?

    He himself is a flirty…[Read more]