• Sure see what your passions are but also see where your talent lies…

    My son always wanted to be a chef like since he was about 3 ..So he went to school he studied he passed all his exams and became a chef but… No one had considered how his growing list of food allegies would impact on his work and the fact that his ADHD was made worse by the…[Read more]

  • Gaming like so many other things can become an addiction but I suppose you know that. It sounds like your BF is on a slippey slope, I get he is most likely down due to the job situation and even in the 21st century guys dont like it when the woman brings home the bacon and they dont so they retreat into a place they feel good and safe , with your…[Read more]

  • cassandra replied to the topic Thinking gifts in the forum General Chat 1 week ago

    People who have everything they want and those who have no fixed hobby can be a nightmare.

    Im one of them!! Last year OH adopted a goat and a deer in my name for my birthday. He knows I love goats.

    One year I got him a brew your own beer kit which has blossomed into a full time hobby and last year I got him a grow your own muchroom kit which I…[Read more]

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    Its getting time to seriously think about gifts for the holiday season if you havent already been planning..

    Today I have one gift arriving for OH and one for my mum ..OH’s is a tshirt with a photo of our dog on it and for my mum who I dont see very often Ive made a photo calender with 12 photos that Ive taken of where we live and of us out and…[Read more]

  • A friend of mine got very annoyed that her OH never put his clothes in the laundry basket and she found herself running about picking up socks and trousers from the bedroom floor or from the chair where he had left them . So she decided to do something and told him she would only wash what was in the basket.

    He took no notice and continued to…[Read more]

  • Why? because we always try to work out what went wrong, how it went wrong, how we could have changed that etc etc plus you have  given 5 months of emotional commitment and we cannot just turn off emotions the way you would a light switch. We will reason with ourselves that it wasnt that bad that he was nice sometimes etc etc but thats often…[Read more]

  • seriously? You have said and I quote ; We had an unhealthy relationship from the beginning/ he received text message from 3 different women/ he would leave my side to go say hi or talk to other women/ he would get defensive/ he made me that I overreacted and that I’m too jealous/ he messed with my head.

    you then add; I was good to him. I c…[Read more]

  • This is where men and women differ.. I was in Germany shopping yesterday and I saw a great birthday card for hubby …Its  black and white looks drawn and its an old motorcycle with all the parts labeled really nicely done and the sort of thing you could easily imagine sitting in a frame…

    So I bought it.. His birthday is in JULY !!

    how many…[Read more]

  • The thing with all these forms of media be they old fashioned printed or the new social media type is to only interact with those that make you feel good and to be ruthless.

    I have two FB accounts one for me personally with family members and close friends , then I manage my author page and I have a seperate account for my dog… Yes my dog has…[Read more]

  • I can honestly say this would really depend on the woman.

    A friend of my OH bought his wife a citrus juicer for her birthday.. OH laughed and in front of the guy said to me tell him what would you do if I got you a juicer for your birthday…

    I told him ‘I would shove your head in it’

    Not because its not a handy gift ( if you like juice) but it…[Read more]

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    Girdles? OMG I thought they had gone out with the ark!

  • With internet the way we socialze has changed but bullies are bullies so no matter where you are there will always be someone who will somehow make you feel less than you are. This has been the way for hundreds of years  fashion models , magazines , etiquette training,  finishing schools , proms debutantes etc etc they are all ways in which w…[Read more]

  • I think your sister has hit the nail on the head..

    but @SpinningJen has a good idea you could casually mention to the girl that you and the other boy’s mum are good friends and you tell each other everything… Hint hint…

    That way you dont have to accuse or get into a row..Plus you dont have to be the messenger to your son that his GF is…[Read more]

  • cassandra replied to the topic Womens mags? in the forum General Chat 1 month ago

    @lisaann1213.  those films sound awful.

    For the reasons you listed I have never bought womens magazines. I really wish there was a bit of an all round magazine that covered handy consumer tips, a few DIY tips (we dont all have a handy partner or the money to hire someone) as well as some tradtional skills such as house decorating or recipes. The…[Read more]

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    @acherrystone  thankyou yes Murphy is fun..

    I hope your girl will go on for ages too and the new diet sounds like a bit of a breakthrough.. My boys ate barf or raw for years and Murphy wont tolerate commercial dog food at all hes allergic to beeef mainly  but also chicken in large amounts. Most commerciqal foods have either one or the other in t…[Read more]

  • cassandra replied to the topic Like a bad penny in the forum Introductions 1 month, 1 week ago

    Sadly my three beautiful boys are all gone Oscar in 2012, Remy in 2015 and then Benny in June 2016. (he reached the grand age of 15)

    But there is a new love in my life,  the delightful bouncy naughty Murphy who is full of energy and mischief and keeps me very active.

    The pain of losing them is awful but a life without dogs just isnt living.

  • Tea for me . I used to enjoy the odd cup of coffee but a few years ago I notice that even after one cup I would suffer the most awful stomach cramps so Ive had to cut it out altogether. I still love the smell though and I could spend hours just sniffing freshly roasted coffee..

    During the winter I treat myself to a cup of hot chocolate in the…[Read more]

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    Just a thought…I know my nan loved her womens own or womens weekly or something it had knitting patterens in it !

    I’ve never been one to buy them but I do flick through when at the dentist /hospital/gp. But I have to say they all seem so conflicting. They tell you on one page to love yourself , be yourself, stand tall and proud and on the next…[Read more]

  • Sorry I can honestly say that even if I was a millionaire I wouldnt buy it., Ive seen similar patterens at Oxfam and world shops and paying huge amounts to advertise for someone else is silly. They should pay you if they expect you to walk around like an advertising  board.

  • cassandra replied to the topic Like a bad penny in the forum Introductions 1 month, 3 weeks ago

    Thanks… Are you still writing?

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