• Thankyou everyone.. His name is Murphy and he is a three yr old Stabijhoun.. His breed is one of the rarest in the world but to me he is priceless just because he is lovely..

  • It seems that there are some things that everybody seems to have realised are just not acceptable like racism and anti- semitic jokes but jokes or views about women are just not sinking in.

    Never mind online in real life its just as bad, I bought a new (secondhand) car two years ago and the salesman couldnt accept that it was me doing the buying…[Read more]

  • @KitKatKitty , hes doing ok now,, the antibiotics have kicked in and he is recovering although he is hungry after a two day fast!

    That €200 is forgotten, he is well and thats all that matters… If he is happy Im happy…

  • Either  ignore them or… Be overly  nice,, commiserate with them and say how terrible it must to be so emasculated that they feel the only way to feel like a man is to bully women online.. then block them!

  • I dont know but Im sure glad it’s one virus we cant catch via internet because it sounds awful…

    I really hope you feel better soon.


  • No idea but Im not clicking a random link…

  • cassandra replied to the topic Selfies in the forum General Chat 4 days, 18 hours ago

    I think you are very photogenic @Mamie .. I have never been one for having my photo taken but as Ive got older and after  an inflammation to my facial nerve left the left side slightly droopy Ive been more aware of myself than ever so either I pull funny crazy faces or I take those slightly in shadow type photos… I try to avoid full face ones…[Read more]

  • Im so glad you got news. Six months is an awful long time to wait.


  • We make a lot ourselves.. OH brews his own beer and wine, the red is to die for…

    I have a small garden but two grape vines against one wall and two small apple trees bear enough fruit to keep us in grape jelly apple sauce and apple and blackberry (picked from the commom) jam for a year. I grow tomatoes in large tubs and Ive grown bell peppers…[Read more]

  • cassandra replied to the topic Terrible Gifts in the forum General Chat 1 week ago

    When my husband turned 60 two years ago.. My kids and their OH’s came round and decorated the outside of the house while we were walking the dogs.. Big banners with huge number 60 printed on them flags and balloons and a notice saying Honk for this old man with his photo on it..

    In pride of place on the driveway a rollator ! of course he laughed…[Read more]

  • My dog is sick the vet thought it might be a intestinal obstruction, he said we would have to do an xray but they are €80..

    I said ‘ok then I will eat less this month’..  (i actually have a saving account especially for vet bills)

    My dog makes me so happy, his health comes first..Being with him improves my health and well being.


    ps Lu…[Read more]

  • Enjoy it… cherish it and commit each wonderful moment to memory…

  • @lakedistrict thats awful..

    Any indication of when they might get round to doing it?


    My OH was at the gp this morning his knee has gone again he was referred for photos and mri .We phoned the hospital and the xrays are tomorrow but the hospital said sorry they can’t fit him in for the mri tomorrow so he has to wait until next Tuesday ….they…[Read more]

  • Absolutely agree bills cone first .. but a good tip is to check each year if you are getting the best deal from phone, cable and energy suppliers. We also check our insurance each year to make sure we are not paying more than we should. Some companies offer a discount if you have more than one policy with them and offer discounts if you pay per…[Read more]

  • Thinking about the thread Money too tight too mention. I wondered if we might all share any money saving tips we have that can help each other through tough times or just that week before pay day when pennies are tight.

    One of my favourite apps at the moment is Too Good to Go which I know is up and running in the UK  too,  it basically allows y…[Read more]

  • At first thought I would say no but then… I thought about it and I suppose yes I have some treasured memories.

    Loads of little things from the children like when my son seriously asked my husband.. daddy when you were little and the dinosauruses were around did you live in a house or a cave?

    How each Christmas I would send the children to…[Read more]

  • cassandra replied to the topic Selfies in the forum General Chat 1 week, 6 days ago

    The eclipse last night was a penumbral lunar eclipse meaning the sun earth and moon were all perfectly aligned. The views from here were stunning.

    At one point I did question my sanity standing in the freezing cold taking photos of the moon. But then I was reminded of something a lady from New York said about hardly ever seeing the moon and never…[Read more]

  • cassandra replied to the topic Terrible Gifts in the forum General Chat 2 weeks ago

    Oh dear, I have to say that I used to get terrible gifts all the time.. It wasnt an intentional thing but even though I would tell people that Im allergic to many if not most bath products and cosmetics I would get bath sets every year.

    I always accepted gifts in the spirit they were given and just put them in a store cupboard to be re-gifted via…[Read more]

  • cassandra replied to the topic Selfies in the forum General Chat 2 weeks ago

    @SpinningJen  that looks much like our countryside.  I love seeing such wide views and open skies..


    Dont forget if its clear tonight we have a lunar eclipse..

  • cassandra replied to the topic Selfies in the forum General Chat 2 weeks, 1 day ago

    I think you look great in your selfies the messy hair one looks very fun..

    There are very few photos of me at all but I liked this one I took while I was on a walk in November, it looked nice outside but it was soooo cold out that day hence the huge parka..


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