• Weight was never mentioned or made an issue in our house. We had  healthy eating and fruit was a free food ie; the fruit bowl was always accessable and the children never needed to ask if they could have fruit. Cookies etc were limited to treat time. Saturdays were christened ‘fat Saturday’ the children could choose the menu (often they still…[Read more]

  • @KitKatKitty I think your last posts highlights why although I have no religion Buddhism is the nearest thing to my beleif in that the answer lies witin ourself.  Instead of asking God to help us or thinking Satan is responsible for all the bad stuff,  the answer is in us.

    If we allow ourselves to be consumed by negativity and greed for things w…[Read more]

  • Firstly well done for managing a long distance relationship. Its not easy.

    My husband was away for nearly 6 years on and off, his father became ill and was told he only had months to live but lived for 5 years at which point it became obvious that his mother was also seriously ill. My husband worked and nursed his father until he died then helped…[Read more]

  • No God for me in the sense of the all powerful creative being. No Satan either.

    That there is more between heaven and earth than we understand? undoubtedly. Mediums and such, no. Even though I know some family have had extrodinary readings. One told my mother she heard a man singing and mentioned a song my grandfather used to sing to my mother…[Read more]

  • cassandra replied to the topic Time: Love or Hate? in the forum General Chat 1 week, 3 days ago

    You know I often think the only thing that makes life precious is the knowledge that one day it will be over.

    Just think , if you knew you would live forever what would be the incentive to get up and do anything? After all it would be there next week, next year, next century so why rush. Time would be irrelevent.

    What I do want is to get to the…[Read more]

  • mikki and Profile picture of cassandracassandra are now friends 1 week, 3 days ago

  • Lol no way that Dutch is what could be called a pretty language. Its close to German (but dont let the Dutch hear you say that ) and its very gutteral and throaty. Friesan is a very countryside languge, its similar in shape to a thick Devon or Suffolk accent and its not pretty at all but works as a functional dialect and is read…[Read more]

  • Hi yes it really does work and no there is no smell of vineger, as long as you use the natural white vineger not cleaning or malt types!

  • She has moved on. Maybe she is worried or embarrassed by things she told you and wants to put distance between herself and the person who reminds her of that low point in her life.

    Count this as a passing friendship that was nice while it lasted and just move on .

    Life is short… Share it with people who make you happy.

  • We have got a tumble dryer it has been essential in getting all those different work clothes dry but we have alway had a very good make and always clean the filter after every use.  We never put it on at night or go out while its running.

    This past year we have made a very concerted effort not to use it unless absolutly necessary. I have just…[Read more]

  • Meditation can help , so can mindfulness.

    Also putting things into perspective,  a fear of flying is common yet more people die in household accidents than in plane crashes so rationalise fears or doubts that will help.

    I dont like letting people into my life or into my personal business and yet I have to do this sometimes so I rationalise with…[Read more]

  • Numbers are my nemisis.I hate math, always have.

    What do I do ? I  have a need to write , Im always writing something, two books published a third stranded at 35000 words and several short stories in strorage plus an idea for a childrens book/set of stories , a blog 3, FB pages and several forums !

    I also love to take photos and to cook, I…[Read more]

  • I try to be positive but I realise there is a line between optimistic and pure pollyanna thinking (

    For example I know there are horrible situations in the world and I do read things online but I havent boufght a newspaper for over 30 years because I got sick of reading nasty negative stories all…[Read more]

  • I have had that problem too, as for the naked thing. Ive never understood why people feel the need to get fully dressed to go to bed! Although it does have advantages.There were serveral occasions last week when I would have loved to throw open my wndow and yell at someone but my state of undress prevented me.Last Saturday evening it was so hot…[Read more]

  • I was in Germany on thursday. As I was getting into my car a car pulled up opposite me and an older lady got out followed by her grandchild, she vaped and blew out a huge cloud of sweet smelling  smoke. The child jumped up and down sniffing the sweet smoke and laughing.. I commented to my daughter that second hand smoking has never been as evil…[Read more]

  • I am always tired, the old joke about sleeping on a string ? Thats me I have fallen asleep in church, in cinemas, in restaurants between courses, on the loo and  even at my own birthday party. Its a medical thing and cant be helped.

    While Im up and moving Im fine and seem to have bags of energy but as soon as I sit still I fall asleep. I am…[Read more]

  • That is horrible and I feel for you . Any idea how long it will be before you get treatment? I know theres not a lot you can do to help it yourself , please dont try any of the awful old fashioned things like whacking it with a big book!!! But maybe a support bandage would help?

  • Awful being out of action , although ganglion removal is normally very easy and they have little chance of regrowth ..

    With all these things I always think its 4-6 or 8 weeks of inconvience but then the rest of life without it so the benefits outweigh the bother.

    I think the worst thing will be the waiting list they can go on forever, my mum has…[Read more]

  • cassandra replied to the topic How to stay motivated? in the forum Health & Diet 3 weeks ago

    I have two dogs so they are my motivation, as @SpinningJen says walking is great.  Its free, it can be really interesting and it keeps both mind and body busy if you use your walk to observe the world around you.

    We walk about 10km per day thats normally 5-7 in the morning and the rest in two smaller walks during the day.

    I also do not diet and…[Read more]

  • My father in law died from copd/Emphysema in 2007 and it was a long slow and horrible death. At the finish he couldnt even take a drink because any effort he had left was devoted to breathing and you could hear the fluid in his lungs gurgle as he drew breath.

    His 3 children were with him when he died. My husband gave up smoking shortly there…[Read more]

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