• cassandra replied to the topic My Nails in the forum Fashion & Lifestyle 1 day, 4 hours ago

    How are you all coping with nails and polish now?

    Even though Im using lashings of hand cream the extra extra washing and disinfecting has dried my hands and my nails just started to crumble so Ive cut them really short (no nails).

    Just wondering how you keep nails looking good whenh washing like 100times a day..

  • I have never read womens mags (except at the doctor/dentist etc) I find them so conflicting. One page says believe in yourself, the next says lose weight quick. Then theres how to be a natural beauty next to make up adverts .. Crash diet after crash diet fill the pages along with photos of stick thin models in thick makeup who look like they need…[Read more]

  • cassandra replied to the topic Alcohol in the forum Health & Diet 3 days, 3 hours ago

    As someone who absolutely never drinks and drives I’m quite happy to leave the alcohol in the bottle.

    I don’t like spirits so a glass of wine now and again with a dinner is lovely but to be honest if I never had an alcoholic drink again I wouldn’t miss it.

  • Actually with the corona thing going on it should be easier to avoid temptation.. Once a week shopping and if you dont buy it you cant just nip out for it..


  • Slightly off subject but. My father was the one who told me that because I was a girl I would have to fight twice as hard and be twice as good at anything just to be thought of as worthwhile.

    He explained that men often feel threatend by strong intelligent women and will try anything to keep them from achieving.

    My mother is a strong woman…[Read more]

  • I skyped with mum as I do every Sunday.. We have made her arrangements and although some bits were hard, mum being mum (totally crazy)  it was also a chance to have a good laugh…  I went through a list of questions like the music and any poems (nope she cant stand people wittering on) then asked what do you want to wear,? She was quite sure. ‘…[Read more]


    @KitKatKitty , no problem  with your reply, I doubt they will apologise they are ‘just following procedure’….



    I am so sorry you had to go through this. When OH got his diagnoses one of the first things we did was consult a lawyer . We both made a living will with our last wishes regarding end of life /life terminating…[Read more]

  • @KitKatKitty thank you we do know he has not got PSP it is frontal temporal dementia behavioural variant. it took nearly a year to get that diagnosis with scan after scan spinal tap tests ,more  tests, and yet more tests both physical and psychological.  We do have a fantastic specialist and she is always very very good with us. Our current p…[Read more]

  • Im sorry I wouldnt normally rant like this but if I dont I will kill someone… I am really at boiling point, I want to scream and swear and tell the whole lot of them to jump off a bridge (actually worse but I cant write that)

    I gave up work to care for my husband,  he has FTD and needs a trusted person around him almost 24/7. There is supposed…[Read more]


    I used to love cadburys creme eggs , I so looked forward to them each year I even had visitors bring them over when I first moved because I missed them so much.  But then something changed I had one a few years ago the chocolate was nasty and the fondant was hard not the soft flowing goo I remembered, I was told caburys ahd changed the…[Read more]

  • Im not a great believer in anything but years ago someone did my star chart thingy .. Im Libra with Sagittarius rising.

    I suppose I do like to look at things from both sides and weigh things up (Libra) I also do take charge of things in my life (Libra) but Im adventerous, love being out and about, hate being tied down, and dislike clingy people…[Read more]

  • cassandra replied to the topic Corona virus in the forum In the News 1 week, 3 days ago

    A couple of things maybe unique to the Netherlands.  Firstly when the new rules were introduced there were huge queues outside coffee shops from people anxious to get their supply of weed/joints so the govt has allowed the coffee shops to use a takeaway system using a drawer such as you see by all night gas stations so that no one goes…[Read more]

  • cassandra replied to the topic Bra Shopping in the forum Fashion & Lifestyle 1 week, 6 days ago

    @mikki I actually think bras are yet another example of discrimination to women. just ask yourself when did you last see a piece of male underwear costing the same as a so-called decent bra?

    The answer is never. Also when did female undergarments become some kind of misogynistic sex toy ? why  do we have to dress up in peep hole bras, crotchless…[Read more]

  • We have always maintained a fat Saturday policy.

    I started this when my children were little they could only have treats sweets or puddings at the weekend.. Saturday was the day they were allowed to go to the shop and pick some sweeties and stay up to watch a film.

    now the children have left home but my husband and I have just continued with…[Read more]

  • cassandra replied to the topic Bra Shopping in the forum Fashion & Lifestyle 1 week, 6 days ago

    I’m sorry I hate bras with a vengeance. I often wish I had no boobs just so that I wouldn’t have to wear a bra.


    I don’t care where they’re fitted or what they cost they are awful.

    And what a rip-off ..two triangles of fabric and a bit of elastic and you’re paying like 100 quid.


    I stick to cotton non underwired types .. I dont need to…[Read more]

  • cassandra replied to the topic Corona virus in the forum In the News 1 week, 6 days ago

    Im amazed at the hoarding which has hit some shops here too and its a very non Dutch thing to do. People have openly scolded those who try to take more than is necessary.

    Here its loo roll (seems to be a standard) bread including semi baked stuff and of all things pizza…. As if a person can live on pizza alone!

    Meanwhile there have been emails…[Read more]

  • cassandra replied to the topic Corona virus in the forum In the News 2 weeks, 1 day ago

    I also saw a very suspicious link yesterday claming to be  a link to breaking news that Norway has found a cure for the virus..

    Im sure if this was true there would have been a flash news bulletin on every news channel not just a link via internet!

  • cassandra replied to the topic Corona virus in the forum In the News 2 weeks, 2 days ago

    Here in  the Netherlands the virus is spreading and  our government has  decided to take quite drastic measures. As from now all gatherings of more than 100 people are forbidden museums, concert halls, theatres, cinema’s,sporting events etc are all closed.They have advised anybody with a compromised immune system to avoid public transport cr…[Read more]

  • Once my husband started work he found that all the tools were right handed ..I know that sounds strange but on off buttons for power tools are always set up for  right handed use , saw blade cut when used right handed not left so at that point he used his right hand to work and his left to right. Its funny now to see my daughter do exactly the…[Read more]

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