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    Ive become slightly lactose intolerant as Ive got older.


    Apart from that nothing but I hate mushrooms…


    I always love my koala bear and I still have him now.

    But the best present I ever got was a wooden bookcase with glass doors and it contained a whole series of Enid blyton’s famous five books I added to an extended my book collection but that little bookcase and all of the lovely stories it contained , that was my favourite


    this is also pretty sad:

    I’m sorry to say I have absolutely no sympathy for him he knew exactly what he was doing.

    I feel sorry for the people that he may have infected , people who tried to obey the rules and were infected by this arrogant young man .



    I remember one of the ladies I worked with had a fear of mice, her cat bought one in and dropped it on the floor still half alive she panicked jumped on a table, the table broke she landed on her back and ended up in hospital for 3 days. Then she wouldnt go home until she was convinced there was no residue of mouse left behind!

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    last year, I went to build a bear workshop and the woman in the shop had absolutely no interest in what she was doing

    it got to my turn, and we mostly stayed silent (she made the odd grunt, but that didn’t really help the experience)

    then, it got to the point where you’re meant to “kiss the heartbeat”. I asked nicely if I could have the heart so I couldk iss it, and she just said no.

    when I asked why, she got even more unprofessional and told me that not only was I too old to kiss a heart, I was too old to cuddle a bear, and make a bear like this- the experience was for kids.

    really sucked the magic out of the experience. I mean you don’t go to walt disney world and get told that you can’t meet mickey mouse because of your age (at least I hope not)

    and when I left she shouted after me. well if the only thing that will cuddle you is a bear, you have such a poor future a head of you.

    I feel sorry for the kids. wow what a miserable person

    Wow that is so sad, of course youre never too old for a teddy. My mum went to bear workshop thing a couple of years ago and loved it shes over 70..

    Also feel sad for the lady doing it. Why stay in a job like that if you can see the magic in it? She needs to be elsewhere


    What I meant by, “He’s doing fine otherwise” is “He’s doing fine for now.” My father is 10 years older than yours, Kitty. He was diagnosed with Gleason 9 Metastatic Prostate Disease just after Christmas, 2018. Supposedly, it had metastasized to his bones. They had given him about 5 years. Mentally, he’s slowing, but he can still play dominos. Physically, he’s rapidly declining. He’s been having trouble walking for a while, but he began falling a lot about two months ago. He’s now got a walker and is doing better in that respect.

    Unfortunately, the diagnosis sent my already mentally declining mother spiraling deeper into dementia. She’s been in a facility since September of last year. While researching facilities and attending dementia support groups, I learned that difficulty swallowing is fairly common. My mother also had that issue.


    Sorry to hear about your father. Could this be a muscle issue? I know some elderly patients loose muscle memory and tend to choke easily. Sometimes physical therapy and swallowing exercises can help.

    Sadly with dememtia it is a common problem, my MIL ened up on a fluid diet for the last two years of her life due to choking/swallowing issues.

    My husband who is early/mid stage FTD wont eat out anymore because he does occasionally choke (he feels ashamed when it happens)  and earlier this year when he was tested on his first case of pneumonia the doctors said it was most likely caused by him inhaling small food particles.  He has most trouble with dry things like crackers or apple crumble.

    This is one of the reasons that many dementia patients die of pneumonia.


    They are very dated but I do love The Addams Family (1960′). I have the complete series DVD. A good comedy, if a littly corny, with a touch of horror!

    Another totally corny and very dated film  but still good for a giggle is  Carry on screaming…1966



    No idea. I’ve never tried.


    Where I work in customer service I can tell you that I too have experienced bad situations. However….it’s not always their fault. Sometimes customers are jerks. It’s still no excuse. I’m not perfect. On a bad day I’ve succumbed to bad behavior. I think some folks need lessons on how to treat staff in the customer service business. If you treat them like crap they’ll treat you the same. But a lot of times we don’t deserve the rudeness.

    Working in retail I always said the best and worst thing about the job was the customers.

    Myself when phoning customer services I try to catch the persons name and then start my conversation with Good morning/afternoon…name…

    then I say ..I realise that you are not personally responsible but… and then I explain my complaint.

    Recently I had an item that arrived damaged. I put in a dispute and the company refunded my money within 30 mins and asked me if I would dispose of the item ( dashcam) rather than go to all the bother of repackaging and sending it back.

    When I wrote my review I said the item was damaged and couldnt be used but I added that the fabulous people at customer services sorted it out in double quick time and that their great service has encouraged me to order again from the same compnay knowing that if I have a problem this wonderful team will be there to help.

    Praise where praise is due I thought…

    I then got an unexpected  thankyou email from customer services for my kind review!


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    it’s like everything else people have got LAX they are not washing their hands as they used to they are touching their masks they are not wearing them as they should do the amount of chin masks and half mast masks we see is ridiculous.

    and then of course they all went off on a jolly holiday group together in pubs clubs and bars with god knows how many strangers and flew back on aeroplanes all together they were asking for trouble and I have absolutely no sympathy with anyone who breaks the rules and gets infected just stay the hell away from me …


    I heard about this.. We have a similar show here in NL and the people I mean are there really people who are that stupid?

    How do they function in real life? How do they earn a living?  How do they even get across the road without getting killed?

    I cannot for the life of me imagine the jobs they do I just hope its nothing like nursing or flying planes driving a bus or a train…



    Hi i do use Netflix and Amazon prime.

    I will have a look at the Downton Abby listings .


    When I first moved here we bought new vynal flooring for our house it was lovely thinck tough padded stuff and it cost an arm and a leg. But after the men had been to lay it I noticed that in the hallway there was a difference.. The colour was the same but the quality was off it was thinner and not so nice feeling I found a little offcut by the place they had parked the van and sure enough it was a different type.

    I tried phoning the store and with my limited Dutch explained the problem but the lady just brushed me off and denied it..

    So I waited until Thursday evening their late night opening which I knew was always busy and I went down with my two scraps of flooring I stood in the middle of the shop and loudly called out ‘If your thinking of buying from them think again. They sold me this for my house and laid this(holding up the thin scrap) I paid and arm and a leg for this (good  scrap) and they tried to fool me by laying this’ (bad scrap)

    I could feel myself blushing but people were looking nudging each other and started to gather around.. I then went on to say I had phoned and they tried to say I was lying but look for yoursleves this is my invoice and  this is what I got…

    By this time word had reached the manager and she came rushing out to talk to me. Suddenly she could speak English (she couldnt before) and whisked me off to her office where she assured me that the ‘mistake’would be corrected within a week and at no extra charge of course…

    It was and I was happy with my flooring but I know word got round because OH Dutch workmates kept laughing and saying we didnt need fireworks for new year with me around…

    It wasnt the first time Id done that sort of thing though as a teenager I bought a pair of shoes from Ravels and within a week the heel fell clean off ,I took the shoes back and they refused to exchange to refund me so on Saturday afternoon I stood outside the shop with my shoes in my hands and yelled at all the shoppers ..Come to Ravels and buy a pair of DIY shoes, each pair require a hammer to assemble. Because lord knows they are not fit to walk on the way they sell them…

    It took about 5 minutes a man came out shoved a box at me and grabbed my old shoes,  in the box was a new pair of shoes and a 10 pound note!

    Im nothing if not determined..

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    I havent seen the series let alone the film..

    The series is now being shown on Dutch Tv so Im catching up and I have to say I like it, its like upstairs downstairs on a much grander scale.

    We only get BBC here so nothing from the ITV channels unless it gets sold to cable/


    Im just cooking a steak and a nice jacket potato tonight , Im still worn out by yesterdays mammoth shopping trip

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