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    I think they really messed up big time with this. Living in an area in which there is little predjudice, at least compared with some of the bigger cities, I know of many people here who are incensed at the way BLM people can appear to get away with almost anything in the name of equality, yet in many cases seem more for black power. With this conflict between the two views things are getting heated at points. The BLM movement may actually result in far more racial tension than it alleviates. I know in the US there is far more violence but here there are just as extreme views. From some experience of cultural differences, I can see that probably the majority of people know almost nothing about what they are protesting about except what they are fed by the media and friends.

    I agree that the BLM group are not what they claim to be and many of those supporting them dont really know that.

    But as a dance as an interpretation of the world at the moment was this dance too much? Or did it just reflect what is going on?

    I cant see how things be they violence or ‘just’ extreme views will change unless someone challenges the status quo and surely art is a more peaceful form of demonstration than the rioting on the streets.



    Today is fat saturday , so we are having chicken burger with sate sauce


    Awful accident and I hope the children all recover. In our town there were a sudden number of accidents with lorries trying to go under one particular bridge at first no one could understand why then they realised it was navigation systems directing the drivers.. The sat nav didnt regester the low bridge or the height of the lorry.



    In general that may be true Kitty but, taking something like ebay which provides the structure for both private and business sales, there are small private sellers just selling the odd item and also big businesses presenting a shop front on another portal with all levels inbetween. The only issue I see with ebay is that a buyer can make a complaint and it is mostly that the seller loses out. It does have problems with item description though, in fact, these being the main complaint as some sellers mis-represent goods deliberatly.

    I think we have all seen the story about the lady who bought a lovely persian rug the photos looked perfect and the description was good.. But when it arrived it was a rug for a dolls house!

    Amazon isnt any good when selling the odd secondhand item and many websites have replaced the old card in a shop window system. But I think many people have unreal expectations either of what their item is worth or what they will get from an item thats been used and is sold for a few pounds.

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    Its old but this documentary  *The men who made us thin*  talks about the diet industry. In it is the man who invented and sells the whole meal shake thing admits that it doesnt work and that he makes tons of money from return customers…

    Anyone thinking of going on a diet plan should watch this and see how we are fooled into thinking we are ugly and fat and need this stupid fad diets when all we are really doing is making their wallets fat. The desirable weight, is based on a 25yr old ! From a man with no scientific background..

    Even the glorious BMI comes under scrutiny explaining how it came into being and how an insurence company messed about with it for their own gain ..Plus if you’ve seen latest news doctors are now admitting that the BMI chart is not all its cracked up to be because it doesnt take muscle mass into account..




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    Obviously Ive seen the aftermath up close so to speak but yes it can affect people of all kinds.

    The reason its still so taboo is because religion forbids it so in countries like Spain and Ireland it tends to be brushed under the rug and in the UK until 1961 it was against the law to kill yourself.. If you survived an attempt you could be thrown in jail or the mental hospital.

    In very early times the person would be buried at a crossroads without pray or mourners and their family would be stripped of their belongings as punishment!

    No wonder people didnt mention it..

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    @spinningjen  the crate is part wood and part aluminium nice big doors at the front and little ‘windows’ all round.. I took nice clear photos from all sides and inclued one from the makers which had measurements from every angle…

    Its intended to fit in a car boot (big car) but it could be used int he home or at the camping etc..

    People just see the 1st photo and think I want it… then think about how they will fit it in their car..


    Mind you it could be worse my daughter was selling part of her shoe collection lots of high heels that she never worn ( shame on her some had never been out of the boxes) one person asked if she could supply photos of her wearing the shoes.




    My daughter has prime so if I want to order a Prime article I do it via her account and get the free postage…we also enjoyed the Amazon prime TV which is a bit like Netflix and for €2.99 a month it really does work out well because again you can have 5 devices or something so I piggyback from my daughter

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    Adele is one of the best. She ROCKS.

    Where do you stand on the whole Adele bantu knots row? I saw it on the news and honestly thought how much more ridiculous can things get.


    Ive been at the hospital with my friend this afternoon ..Im the wheelchair pusher and driver!

    Tonight an easy dinner, homemade chicken soup and french bread.. yum


    I think it has got to be my favourite time of year all those fabulous colours I love those misty mornings bright afternoons it’s cool enough to walk but it’s warm enough not to have to wear huge coats hats and gloves just brilliant….


    I think the saddest thing reading that article was the because they cannot put this girl into a specific box she is not receiving help that she might benefit from,  her parents are right you have to fill a checklist and only when all the boxes are ticked do you qualify for a particular help.

    it’s obvious the Daisy would have benefited from more help over the years but because she couldn’t tick all the boxes she’s been denied that and it’s wrong,  disability is disability regardless of box ticking.


    This morning I was grateful for the beauty of nature..

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    Ive made a minced beef pie but its with puff pastry and you roll it like a swiss roll cake.. one of OHs favourite  things.


    I hate recipes that call for one spoonful or cream or 4 capers , what do you do with the rest if you are not a regualr eater of those things?

    1/2  a lemon then you have to plan what to do with the rest (although a lemon is not too bad) but you get my drift. I prefer recipes that use whole ingredients  a whole onion a whole pepper ect..

    I have one book that is 100 recipes 1 basic mix tha basic being minced beef, onion, garlic, the recipes range from babotie to meat muffins and cottage pie to kofta..

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