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    Gosh Monday again time whizzes by..
    well Ive got a few odd jobs to do and Im trying not to look at the ironing but Im running out of tops!

    Had a nice weekend..last night we sat and watched scrooge by candlelight with a glass of Baileys..Very romantic..


    Hello there and welcome.

    So sorry to hear you will be on your own this christmas .. if you lived closer by you would be welcome to join us..
    I hope you find some support and laughs here I know I have. Its very friendly here.



    Hi Bex
    Thanks a lot .. The boy had an appointment last week with the SW to see if he could go to a group house which is the first step to independant living but one of the team forgot ! so it was cancelled.
    As you can expect he is angry and disillusioned with the whole thing.
    He is a very easy kid to have around polite and tidy he brings his laundry down Ive shown him how to work the washer and told him if he wants to do his own stuff thats fine or else just put it in the basket with ours its his choice.
    He tells me how late he will be back from school or if he has a free day he tells me the day before.
    He is in every evening on time to eat and he sits and chats with us before he goes off to do his homework or goes out to a mate house, he is always in on time. Makes sure he comes into the living room and says goodnight before going up so we know he is home.

    He is living by the same rules we had with our kids and he seems ok with that.
    I just feel really sorry for him that his parents and the system seem determined to let him down.


    I must say having read the article its does seem that this was an accident the man wasnt drunk or driving without a licence ect and his remorse is shown in the fact that he has given up driving and his very good job.

    I think when someone accepts responsiblity for thier actions and shows true remorse or regret for what they have done it would be easier to forgive than just a repeat offender drunk driver who mows into an innocent driver.

    I really couldnt say how I would react and like you Souxi I hope I never have to find out.
    I do think the victims husband should be praised for his courage and strength of spirit in being able to forgive.


    I really feel for the people affected. My heart goes out to the family of the policeman killed last friday his birthday was on sat the same as my daughter and as we toasted her 21st I couldnt help but think of the anguish his family must be feeling.

    Here in the Netherlands we live mostly below sea level so our flood defenses are a very serious matter .. On the first monday of each month the emergancy sirens blare out at 12 noon just to make sure they all work and can be heard.. We are warned that if they sound at any other time we must go home put the local radio or tv station on and wait for instructions.

    If there is a bad storm people stand guard along the sea defenses making sure the dikes are not in danger of being breached and we are always aware of the fact that although water is the life blood of this country it is also our constant enemy.

    I hope none of you have been affected and I truely hope that this time the government will move quicker to help. I know people in Hull who were in caravans for over a year after the flooding there.


    Dad said the stew got thicker and thicker until it set like cement.. She only called him when she couldnt get the spoon out!!!

    We laugh now but this was just after the war and meat and veg were luxury .. So she spent the whole afternoon in tears..Mind you she always was dippy she thought when it said ‘oven ready ‘on the chicken wrapper it meant put it in the oven as it was plstic wrapper and tray included.. Blue smoke and awful smells from the kitchen soon alerted us to that mistake!


    I was lucky enough to have 3 children of my own.. I would have had no trouble in adopting a child..
    I did consider fostering but then moving country learning a new language ect ect and fostering just faded..
    Until a couple of weeks ago , of course this is just temporary and he is 16 but OH didnt even hesitate when the subject came up he just said we have a spare room.

    I think if you can then why not offer a child a home?


    My MIL a long time ago put what she thought was lentils in a stew turned out they were glue beads!!
    my son once covered the chicken in washing up liquid instead of marinade!


    As a mother I can say that a large age gap would make me ask my daughter if she were sure but in the end I would have to respect her decision and love is not something we choose it happens..I know that.

    As to grandchildren well they are an extra , if you are blessed with them then lucky you but if not then not its not a stipulation you can make when you give birth to your children ie; I want you to be a doctor, marry well and give me three grandchildren doesnt work like that.

    Your parents have to accept that you are an adult and that your life is live and love the way you want to not by rules and expectations of thiers.

    Talk to them, explain how happy this man makes you, tell them you want them to respect your decision and explain that you dont expect them to make you choose between him and them its not fair.


    Well monday morning and its back to work.. Its pouring with rain..
    We didnt get to Amsterdam beacuse Benny our Beagle decided to throw a sickky on friday night, although he was much better by saturday I didnt want to leave him for too long.

    Never mind, still had a fun day in town and as the weather was so nice we sat on a terrace drnking mugs of hot chocolate with cream ( naughty but nice!)..

    Oh well weekend over, nose to the grindstone everyone!


    Well saturday was so nice we actually sat on a terrace drinking hot chocolate with whipped cream ..yummy

    I love cold crisp mornings with the frost shining like diamonds on spiders webs, the crunch of leaves underfoot and watchind the dogs quiver with excitment.
    When its really pouring with rain theres nothing better than curling up on the sofa with a big mug of tea and some hot buttered toast watching a cheesy old movie.
    It makes me feel safe and warm inside..

    christmas is my thing… loads of decorations Ive got my Christmas cd in the car and its jingle all the way for me …


    Well the rest of the week we get up disgustingly early so first alie in the a longer than normal walk with the dogs, followed by a full english breakfast..

    Normally there and odd jobs to be done, washing of course and clean bed linnen on sundays!

    I always cook a nice Sunday dinner and my daughter normally joins us..

    Sometimes we go to a car boot.
    I do think you need one day a week to just chill and let your mind and body get some rest.


    Is he acutally refusing to buy gifts because he is a cheap skate or is it that he really struggles with the holidays?

    My son is very slightly autistic he hates birthdays… as a child he would cry and run away if anyone sung happy birthday to him.. He does not like the attention and does not really feel comfortable choosing and giving gifts to others.

    If he needs a birthday gift for a friend I normally buy it for him and he gives me the money.
    At christams and on my birthday Im just grateful that he comes over and spends some time with us because I know he finds it difficult.
    Maybe your son has similar feelings and just doesnt know how to explain his feelings.

    It sounds as if his day to day helpfulness is worth more than a once a year bottle of smelly stuff..

    I would leave the gift thing and just enjoy the relationship as it is..


    In the past I had to be so very careful about what my kids ate so went armed with a special book to make sure I only bought ‘safe’ products. I also got into the habit of reading and interpreting labels quite well so this trick is not a new one to me.

    One supermarket was recently exposed as they said their salmon came from lake xxxxxx turns out theres no such place but they call thier production plant by that name.
    So even if the food is made in England theres no guarentee that you get what you think you are paying for because anyone can buy a factory unit and name it honeysuckle farm !!!

    On the other hand you really dont want to know too much, I used to live in Burton Latimer thats where they make ( or did ) weetabix I loved weetabix, since living in Burton Latimer I have never eaten them again.
    My OH has worked on maintenace in many food processing places and the things he has seen make my stomach churn..

    Sometimes a bit of ignorence is bliss!


    Good morning.. Im having a dip and feeling depressed but when I walked the dogs this morning it was really bright and crisp with the sun shining through the naked branches of the trees.. the fact that winter is apon us was evident when I looked up and saw a Robin with his bright red breast staring down at me from a branch and then as I walked on slighly cheered by this sight a pheasant in full glory ran out in front of us.. feeling a bit better I came home and got a text from OH who suggested that we go to Amsterdam tomorrow , just the two of us sightseeing and lunch at a very nice Irish pub there.. It would seem I am not destined to be sad at least not if mother nature and my OH have anything to do with it!

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