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    I totally agree with SpinnigJen and MiaKora. First off to be an effective President you have to be willing to work with all the people in your Government. President Trump talks the talk, but does not walk the walk. He will say in one sentence that he is going to work on a certain bill with Congress and then in the next few minutes be talking down the Democrats on how they are going to ruin this bill and starts calling out the names that he has been doing for years. He has been nothing more than a bully. Then he supports a notorious dictator who has suppressed the development of his own people.

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    I agree with what the others have said. I feel whatever the issue between you and your family member is that is the issue that needs attention. Your friend is secondary here and should remain your friend. Friends of 12 years are rare. I myself only really have 2 close friends and I wouldn’t want to shake that up in any way with another issue that you are having with a family member. Either resolve the issue with the family member or keep the two separate.


    Next year I will be starting my Nursing placements as a Senior student. So next year this time I will be a college graduate with an RN degree and I cannot believe it.

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    Welcome To Bastards Bay- The Bollox


    I definitely think certain celebrities are beautiful and they have great wealth, but deep down when they wake up in the morning they put there pants on the same as I do so I am not jealous of any of them at all.


    I love being a female because I love being pampered and being treated like a Princess that I deserve being treated. I love dressing up and wearing make up when I want to and I also like just being able to wear relaxing cloths and no make up if I want to.  I just love being me and that can be different every single day and no one can tell me otherwise. I also think being a female has less pressure in the dating scene. We mostly are the ones that get pursued and basically can say yea or nay.

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    Mine would have to be my Disney T-Shirt that says I’ll be your Minnie.

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