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    I am very religious, and believe that if something is meant to be, (if that was the will of god, if you like) then it will happen


    if  not, then it won’t. I don’t believe in trying to alter that kind of thing


    I also believe in everything happens for a reason


    so their’s that, too




    apart from the fact I prefer tea, my money situation doesn’t really give me flexibility for the things I want


    I need to focus more on the things I need, and a coffee maker isn’t on that list..


    their version of mary did you know is beautiful

    only one I’ve heard by them though. would  love to hear more


    so I said I’d keep up with this thread and post news, so here’s my first update

    she is still in the hostall and she is still feeling quite defeated


    when I emailed her over the weekend she seemed to think that she’d be in their for quite a while, and she wasn’t sure if they were going to do anything for christmas and said that she didn’t really mind, because she’s not been socialising with any of the other residents- just staying in her room. I was a little disturbed when she informed me that she is sleeping in a bloodsoaked bed, and when she asked the staff to change her sheets they refused


    I am having buffet food tonight.


    so a mixture of things.. little sausages, little pizza, chicken on sticks.. think their’s garlic bread too


    fish and chips. x


    thanks all!. I will be sure to update this thread on what’s going on with her


    mcdonalds this evening


    it’s a bit funny because I just finished an online survey to do with mcdonalds lol


    I enjoyed the malorca files also. I hope they do another season


    have you seen shakespeare and halfaway?. kind  of like that show

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    hot dogs (though probably cold dogs, lol )I’m bad at cooking these


    I havent had a bath in about 30 years….

    I love showers now days when I think of baths, wallowing about in ones own dirt and skin particles YUK..

    I like my shower although if I had the money and space Id love a garden hot tub.. Not for getting clean in (thats disgusting ) but to relax in and soothe the sore muscles and joints.

    yes a hot tub would be nice I think. I sometimes dream I have one. lol


    peperoni pizza…


    if I had to choose, baths. they are far more relaxing, and I don’t have to deal with the water constantly pouring down on me like a rainstorm


    however: in my current house I don’t have a bath, I just have a shower- and I admit that, in the longterm, they are a lot easier. walk in, do what you need to do, walk out


    but I do prefer baths


    roast chicken today.


    with yorkie puds


    lovely to meet you


    I’m emily and I’m from the UK. hope you like the forum

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 134 total)