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    I’m starting this chat because I’m 39 years old and found out that I’m 10 weeks pregnant a couple of weeks ago, after years of thinking I couldn’t get pregnant because of endometriosis.  The worst of the first trimester (nausea, cravings for horribly unhealthy food, sleepy all day, feeling slightly down) now seem to be behind me.  So I…[Read more]

  • the way, I’ve also read that Low Dose Naltrexone can assist with weight loss by helping the immune system, as well as HCG injections… I think a doctor has to prescribe these so it would just depend on the reason that the body is holding on to weight, but if it has to do with an immune function thing, or hormone imbalance, these might be…[Read more]

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    Yes…those exercises helped me with firming up glutes and hips too!  I do a lot of them in yoga (which I teach) as well as after jogging and they’ve seemed to help with getting more tone.  Also, I’ve heard hormone balancing can help since certain hormones start to decline after 30 (or even 25).  I’m no expert there, but it’s seemed to help me…[Read more]

  • Hi everyone..thanks for sharing your thoughts. I have an underactive thyroid which makes weight loss very difficult if not impossible seeming.  Well meaning people always suggest that I just eat right and exercise but even though I keep active and eat a very healthy diet, the weight has been stubborn! There are two things that have helped me the…[Read more]

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