• Switch their roles: She’s the friend who dropped off the grid and acting skittish, and he’s the one telling her friends not to talk to her. Nobody would even hesitate to call it what it is: a toxic and controlling relationship. I’m 100% sure your friend is being controlled, and you are right to be concerned.

    How to approach the situation depends…[Read more]

  • Major Lazer’s “Light it Up”. Song is so fun to dance to, and the video is almost mesmerizing. Always a feel-good song.

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  • First things first, change our phone numbers.

    Pay off debts and establish large credits on continuing services like phone and internet
    Establish modest trust funds for my nephews
    Cash gifts to certain family members
    A small chunk for me to decorate and hubby to complete an entertainment setup
    Donations to select charities

    If the win was $100…[Read more]

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    When I’m at home I take a cool shower and then lay in front of a fan in my birthday suit. Or I find free air conditioning, either by going to the library to read or taking a very long walk through a mall. Before moving earlier this summer, I lived around the corner from a beach so spent hours swimming in shady spots.

    When it comes to work though…[Read more]

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    Tbh I am a friend who drifted away or didn’t put as much effort into a friendship. There are valid reasons and petty excuses alike, but as the one who drifted away I have to say that your friend’s complaining is ridiculous. I’m sure she has her reasons for drifting, but ultimately she is the one who failed to reciprocate the friendship. If she…[Read more]

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    Hi there. I’m greensun. I’ve never been good at introductions, so I’ll stick to a TL;DR for now.

    I recently had a life-threatening medical event and now everyone in my life including my therapist has magically forgotten what I’ve said for years I need in life. I’m lonely and steadily slipping down the depression spiral. I’m searching for IRL…[Read more]

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