• igotasecretlow posted an update 1 year, 12 months ago

    i’m heartbroken once again and cant blame anyone but myself. After letting the same man disappoint me for the past 3 years i forgive him about 6 months ago and started seeing him again. Going into the situation i knew I was playing with fire because he was so manuiplative and hurt me so much before I should have forgiven for him and moved on . No realizing I still had feelings for the same man who left me others time for a chick he got pregnat while living with me , ex girlfriend and ex flings i ignored everyone reasons why i shouldn’t give him another chance and started dating again. I mean it didn’t take long for us to be back to normal , saying i love you and him spending weeks at my house . Thinking about all the time he spent apologizing and reaching out to me i thought okay maybe he understands how he hurt me and is ready for something real with me . I put all past situations in the back of my head and dove right in . After a few months things were great i mean we didn’t introduce each other as a couple but anyone that was around us knew what it was . It wasn’t until i signed into his online account and read some messages with another girl . After spending a few days at his house and about to leave i brought it up and asked if he wanted to see other people . He said he wasn’t in position to date other girls because he was unemployed and was happy with me . After arguing for an hr in the car and deciding we still wanted to work things out i learned he thought it was okay to talk to chicks because we weren’t committed. Only about two weeks later of talking and seeing how things went he had the same chick over he claimed he was only talking too. Now stuck and hurt why have I gave a man so much power who always disappoints me .

    sorry so long