• Jeansymmetry posted an update 2 months, 2 weeks ago

    I love women in tight jeans to show off the waist and butt. It grabs the hips to a sexy extended way I am highly turned on by. Sometimes I save pictures of it. Is it ok for me to use pictures of women in jeans as a motivator? Like it may sound strange but when I see a woman in jeans, I tend to apply a schedule of it, mainly music. I tend to apply an exercise schedule of it to. For example

    •I like Bass in my music, I use a picture like this to create a schedule.

    •The zipper and button of her jeans= Music that I can feel in my chest due to extra bass. I tend to workout my chest (to get more bass feel, and do cardio to have a stimulated effect since I use that represent “Jeancore”.)

    •It may be a fetish, is it ok if I create schedules of my strange activity? Please help…..