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    Kitty, I’m sorry you’re feeling this way too. I share those fears of losing my job, while being a single mom, it worries me that I’ll suddenly have no income. Three years ago, I went into work one morning, feeling so productive and like I was finally getting my mind straight and life together. I lost my job that day and felt like I had failed my daughter, BIG TIME!  I was engaged to a wonderful man and I was so excited to be married again and have a soulmate in my life. One day about a year ago, he came home from work and told me that it was over. I sometimes feel like I’m destined for failure all the time, yet I look at my daughter and she brings me back from my mind wandering about my failures. I have a good job now and I’m getting back on my feet, both financially and emotionally. Like Daisy mentioned, our jobs are more than just a means of earning money! Stay strong y’all!

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