• Oh so you like to joke around do you?  LOL. Okay.  I had found a website with an infinite number of slang words for penis.  If I could I’d post the link but I don’t think we’re allowed to post links here.  But you’d be surprised just how many words contain the word penis and I’d been consciously looking for them as I read.  Whenever I see a long…

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  • If you like; but, a word other than penis would leave a person guessing what word the poster had in mind.  But maybe perhaps that might be fun to, trying to find the word the op had in mind?  Is that what you were thinking?

  • Here’s a word game where you expose the penis hidden in words.  I’d discovered while reading novels that many, many words contain the letters which make up the word PENIS.

    For example:  “Sapindaceae,” which is a plant family, contains all 5 of the letters that make up the word penis.

    When you read your books or newspapers, magazines or w…[Read more]

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