• Something just seems really wrong with this story

    I find it odd that the child was allowed to spend 9 hours hours like that before a parent/medic was alerted. He must have been in horrific pain and making noise even if the shock did suppress it, maybe the 11 year old was worried about getting in trouble and and tried to hide that they sneaked…[Read more]

  • He looks good for his age!

    I too love dogs but it seems unfair to have a pet just yet, I did grow up with a beautiful border collie who lived to 15 years old and it was like losing a part of the family when she left us.

    So sad your Oscar is still having to suffer from his past abuser

  • There seems to have been a few guardian angels just lately.

    Looks like he was running from the start like he was just hoping the traffic would stop because it’s supposed to, he has been very lucky.

  • There is allot of power in femininity but by this I don’t mean control, underneath all the equality and fairness I do think men like the idea that women naturally bring their feminine nurturing charms to a relationship. The power is more about balance, calmness and keeping the two sides connected giving an identity and a role to fulfill but…[Read more]

  • Just been digging through my pics and found this from Halloween 2008,

    My 2nd cousin has the fortune of having his birthday on Halloween, he’s only 2 at but has still had a Halloween party in his honor every year so far!

    Attached files

  • do violas go with garden gnomes?

    Hmm think the bin might go better with the gnomes 😛

    Great that you got the offers from people if I’m honest thats the only reason my garden is as nice and clear as it is.

  • I think it’s a good thing not just raise awareness but I think it could help people who are also going through this too have a soap character they can identify with.

    Besides it reflects real life, ok probably not the best argument it is a soap after all but cancer is something that effects many peoples lives, less so than serial killers and…[Read more]

  • On an equality level I think that any sport a man can competitively compete in then a woman should be allowed to do also. Probably just better banning the whole thing if you ask me.

    This may be a hypocritical viewpoint as I have trained in kickboxing before, I found it fun to train and it was more about the technique and fitness side of…[Read more]

  • Just had another one, I have taken a test which came back negative, phew (i think)! Was worried by the feeling of constant nausea over the past few weeks especially in the morning. I think that would be the worst thing about actually being pregnant!

    Periods seem to be bouncing about all over the place just lately too.

  • Hi CrytalFloyd and welcome to female forum.

    Well I cant answer specifically about WASL as I am British and don’t have a clue about this but I can give my opinion on the more moral dilemma you have.

    The way I see it the school your daughter attends has targets to hit and they have hit them, this is something i can relate to as a similar…[Read more]

  • Well if it works for them 😆

    You have to laught tho thought the hard times

  • lol I was actually thinking of posting something similar myself.

    My regrets – A vivid memory just came back a few days ago – and got me thinking of regrets. Sitting on a bus with OH and telling him about my Uni plans (this was age 17) He told me I can’t go to Lincoln uni to study architecture it’s too far of way. My regret is not saying who…[Read more]

  • I think I would have wanted to meet a long lost sister if I was in this situation curiosity would have gotten the better of me.

    Even siblings who have known each other all their lives can grow up to envy and resent each other but its only natural to want to know where you come from I just think people who are looking to meet long lost…[Read more]

  • I am not surprised he is feeling so low poor kid. He has been through what seems like a miserable few weeks and must be wondering when it’s all going to be over plus I am a strong believer in the winter blues so being stuck in the house feeling ill and away from his friends at school I would expect anyone feel a bit unmotivated no matter how old they are.

  • Three weeks is quite along time especially when you are so used to being together usualy. I think I would hate the idea of anyone taking my kids on holiday when I do have them, not least because I would want to go too!

    I often look after my brother when my step dad whisks my mum away for the weekend, she must miss him very much as she is…[Read more]

  • I got engaged at 17 mum was not happy one bit, she didn’t like OH at the time but loves him now and is always on my case about when are you two getting married lol. Funny thing is I didn’t think about getting married at all when I got engaged I knew straight away that I had wanted to wait until I finished uni.

    You only know your own heart but…[Read more]

  • kezflake replied to the topic new web site in the forum General Chat 13 years, 1 month ago

    Hi I found that site a couple of years ago during the floods were I live; the idea at the time was anyone unaffected with spare furniture donated to those who were affected and lost everything shame not many people were aware of it at the time.

  • kezflake replied to the topic time for bed in the forum General Chat 13 years, 1 month ago

    Hmm my own Dave is watching Star wars Clone Wars but Im not tired and too ill to sit still and read.

    Nigthy Nigth x