• kiki88 posted an update 1 month, 3 weeks ago

    I am new and I would like to ask what type of questions could I made or support received?
    Since my husband changed, I suffer panics attacks would be nice any advice

    • Hi Kiki, it’s nice to meet you 🙂 I am sorry to hear about the panic attacks. It must be dreadful. Just post on the forum asking whatever you need to and join in. We are a friendly group. Read a few recent posts and join in.

      • Hi Thanks for the reply back, as I mentioned in my first message I am new here and I only want is any advice about my overwhelming situation of having panics attacks and socks, which are caused by my husband attitude, this started since he is member of chat called freedom in discord, he changed everything I don’t know who is him anymore, he said painful things to me last month which started my panics attacks and even though we are married, is only a memory for him the only thing that he want is to be that chat with his new espiritual friends and chatting how he is destroy it our marriage and also feeling attractions with members of that chat, so here only two questions what to do until this situation? If anyone knows or have the experience of being that freedom chat by discord? Because I can’t believe it that all the people that place wash your brain and destroy it your life for all the things that they say to you.
        Thank you

    • Hi there, please feel free to jump in and ask any question you want. The ladies here range in age and life experience so Im sure someone will understand and even those who may not have had your problems will be there to offer any support they can.