• Being mature, feminine and emotionally intelligent: like all the other ladies on here.

  • Travel is definitely the key to not being trapped. Plus, getting along with 8 billion people on this planet is important.

    Because I have decided to be a better person. I am phoning up friends and just getting along with people. It does mean there will be jealousy, but I have to learn to keep my personal power. That is a whole different subject,…[Read more]

  • I used to wish I was Bono’s daughter! Weird but true. LOL.

    Anyhow, you’re right not to be jealous, DisneyJewels. Real life is real life, whether you wake up in a mansion, bungalow, apartment or caravan. And no one can swap places with someone else. We can only ever be ourselves in this life. We can admire that rockstar or actress or whoever, but…[Read more]

  • Men are generally wired differently to women. Men usually are supposed to be men: the stronger sex, the physically stronger gender that battles through life like a warrior [OK, a little cheesey]. Whereas a lot of women [although not all] do tend to approach conflict differently. Of course, we can’t tar all men and women with the same brush BUT…[Read more]

  • It has come back. I am seeing the doctor in a few weeks. Obviously some chemical has come back. My skin is delicate and I do use cleaning gloves. But something has irritated my finger again. It hurts, too. I shall use a special cream and stick with rubber gloves when cleaning.

    It does hurt a little, though.

  • Actually, yesterday I got rid of three big bags of old clothing from my bedroom. AND a few months ago got rid of 3 smaller bags of stuff from a chest of drawers. How could one room have so much stuff in it? And I thought I wasn’t a hoarder. BUT I have been throwing things away: albeit slowly, but thrown away nevertheless.

    I am all about purging…[Read more]

  • I agree 100% with Mamie.

    I cannot offer better advice: he does sound manipulative and controlling. I have [fortunately] not been in an abusive relationship myself but I can read the signs. You’re obviously deeply unhappy: and with good reason. You will never be able to change him. And you also deserve the best in life. In your shoes, I would cut…[Read more]

  • KitKatKitty replied to the topic Careers? in the forum Work & Careers 1 week ago

    I wish you all the best, DisneyJewels! Have every faith in yourself.

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    You’d definitely love Ireland, Mamie!

    SpinningJen: I would LOVE to visit the Amazon jungle. I love jungles and the woods. When I was a kid, I would walk in the woods in Sweden. I really loved walking underneath the trees. It is like a different world. Nature is paradise. Such nostalgia.

    In fact, my dream is to go to Africa and see rural life and…[Read more]

  • Women ARE the stronger sex.

  • Sorry to be rude, but just because a woman doesn’t have a d*ck, does not make her weaker! The idea that men are the stronger sex had been around a long time, as we all know. But women have to go through the pain of childbirth. Women have periods. Women are – a lot of the time – willing to help others and put themselves out for others. Of course,…[Read more]

  • I am addicted to shoe porn! LOL.

    I would look at high heels all day, if I could. I am a little afraid to wear them, though: I am scared of rolling my ankle and falling. BUT I do love shoes. Women are so lucky to get to wear beautiful & stylish footwear.

    My favourite shoes are rainbow designs. In my bookmarks feed, I have links to different…[Read more]

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    I’d love to know where you guys have travelled to! Which is your favourite country? Mine is Ireland. Ireland is my spiritual home. I also LOVED Sweden growing up: we’d go there every summer and just have so much fun. Special times. As for Ireland: I have been going there virtually every year since 2004. I can never get bored. My aunt lives there…[Read more]

  • Earrings and lipstick! Plus, beautifully painted nails.

  • Hello, Julia. My favourite alcoholic drink is vodka & coke. I am also a huge music fan: I love pop the best. Have you checked out Grimes? She has a fairly recent song called “We Appreciate Power”. It is awesome. Grimes has to be my favourite musical artist. I also loved Girls Aloud: their music is legendary. I still listen to their albums all the…[Read more]

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    I love “The Little Mermaid”.

    Disney is cool.

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    Thank you for all your support and advice. I have been going to work and will definitely make sure I don’t miss my shifts.

    Sitting on the bus to work made me realise that travel is my goal. I want to see more of the world. I have already been to:

    1. Lanzarote
    2. Greece
    3. Spain
    4. Sweden
    5. Ireland
    6. Oxford, Devon & various places around…

    [Read more]

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    Thank you, Julie73: I will.

    It is wonderful to be back on your feet. Our jobs are definitely more than a way to earn money.

    Thank you, again.

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    To go off on a tangent, SpinningJen: I was so unhappy that the government made all those cuts to night school. I LOVED night school and attended around seven classes over a few years. I really miss night school. It was so unfair that the government wouldn’t subsidize adult education anymore. It was a real shame and a lifeline for difficult school…[Read more]

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    You’ve lived a stressful life, Mamie. When I read your story, I was struck by how you always find solutions to problems and always try to fix your problems: that you did not your accept “your lot”. You moved on with the times and were willing to be single to leave a relationship for 8 years: to go it alone. You’ve got courage and I admire that.

    I…[Read more]

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