• Update:

    Said cutie was directing all Tesco customers through the car park and general vincity, so that only a certain number of people could get into the store. I asked him [through lack of ideas] if I had to re-apply hand sanatizier from official after using the Tesco loos. A great start! LOL.

  • I am now listening to “Hot Like Wow” by Nadia Oh. A great album.

  • I grew up with magazines:

    1. Cosmopolitan
    2. Marie Claire
    3. Company
    4. Sugar
    5. Just 17
    6. Cosmo Girl
    7. Glamour
    8. Woman & Home
    9. Good Housekeeping

    I have always loved magazines. In fact, I fell in love with them as a teenager. I shall always have fond memories of the old style of Cosmo. They wrecked that magazine. It is a real shame. It used to have…[Read more]

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    I gave myself a manicure last night, using a bronze colour. Here’s how:

    1. Remove old nail polish
    2. Cut and shape nails
    3. Clean nails with soap and a nail brush
    4. Apply a base coat
    5. Apply one coat of colour
    6. Allow to dry
    7. Apply a strong top-coat
    8. Leave a good hour to have touch-dry nails

    That’s just how I do it with traditional nail…[Read more]

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    Drink just doesn’t appeal. I don’t know why, but I simply don’t drink alcohol. I could, if I really wanted: I have no one to stop me. But – again – it is a habit that has no appeal. I mean, those glasses of vodka aren’t going to stop tomorrow coming, are they? Using alcohol as a crutch to deal with problems does not work. It just makes everyone…[Read more]

  • I must admit going without chocolate is hard going: I’ve got terrible cravings for it. My body is so used to chocolate, it’s telling me it needs it. Drinking a glass of water doesn’t work: neither does anything else except chocolate.

    How do YOU deal with chocolate cravings?

  • Your two daughters must know to follow their dreams and not allow others to crush their dreams. They must push with much force to achieve their goals. They’ll never allow anyone to decide for them.

  • I LOVE reading. I have read 100’s and 100’s of back issues of Cosmo and other women’s magazines. I also have been reading novels for years and years. I always go to the library to borrow and read a pile of books.

    My mother also read a lot. In fact, that’s where I got my passion from. I could not live without books and magazines. My favourite…[Read more]

  • This world is pulling together: we WILL defeat the Coronavirus.

  • KitKatKitty started the topic Alcohol in the forum Health & Diet 3 days, 6 hours ago

    Now I don’t like alcohol myself: due to some bad experiences with it.

    Can YOU live without alcohol? Or is having a few glasses of wine of an evening too important to not do? Could you manage to socialize without drinking? I’ll have one or two drinks so as to not look square, but I don’t drink so much I can’t walk in a straight line. Actually, I…[Read more]

  • I do feel I’ve lost. I don’t know why. But we shall see how things pan out.

  • By Dwight Yoakam.

    I was brought up on this album: my dad loved this album back then. I am playing it now. It is an utter classic. It is country meets dance. It is very well written and speaks of perfection. You can tell a lot of work and effort was put in the lyrics and vocals.

    Download it from the Internet and give it a listen! It isn’t too…[Read more]

  • I am actually good at painting & drawing. But I never do so these days. Still, it is a wonderful pasttime/hobby/skill. And I’d definitely love to see all your artwork, guys. They must be great.

    Out of curiosity: do any of you attend [before the coronavirus] art classes? Did/do you enjoy them? Will you return after the virus has done its…[Read more]

  • I’ve lost weight: YES!

    I weighed myself today and I’ve lost 5 or 6 pounds. Now, there’ll be no celebrating with a mini cake! LOL.

    I am avoiding:

    1. mini cakes
    2. crisps
    3. ice cream – which I never eat anyway
    4. chocolate chip cookies
    5. takeaways
    6. fried foods

    Those are what I don’t eat anyway. But it’s all good with my weight going down.

  • I think you’re right, cassandra – and your father was right – females do have to fight twice as hard as a man to be an achiever. This sounds trival, but with my poetry, I have people against me. Now: they are only poems, but I seem to be threatening to some people. Again, it sounds trival BUT if I were a man, I’d have no one against me. AND it…[Read more]

  • I have cleaned my bathroom and kitchen today. I also put on two loads of laundry. I also hoovered and aired out my apartment.

    I keep things spick & span.

  • I agree with your views, Trufflegirl.

    You would’ve thought that women – in the21st century – would be treated equally to men. But, no: women are still seen as the child bearers, the caring one who always cooks the dinner yet holds back on food herself. The woman who never argues or has an opinion… we need to get away from those Victorian…[Read more]

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  • I do apologise for getting it wrong with the medical profession.

    You have been badly let down by the government offices. I do hope you get the answers you need and an apology from said government offices.

  • I work for a charity called PSP – this stands for Progressive Supranulear Palsy. It is similar to dementia and there is no known cure: such as with dementia.

    At this charity I work at, we encourage doctors and the medical profession to recognise and diagnose PSP, without mistaking it for dementia. I am not saying your husband has PSP and doesn’t…[Read more]

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