• I had forgotten about nail oil, SpinningJen! I am glad my advice has been well received. I have been doing my nails for nearing 30 years, so am a bit of an expert. I definitely love my vanity. In fact, I gave myself a French manicure this morning. I didn’t do a full French manicure, but I did follow the above steps and used base coat and two clear…[Read more]

  • There will always be bullies: and I don’t want to be one of them. They take advantage of kindness and are very selfish. I am nice to everyone. The mistake I made with Michael I won’t make again. Michael had been a kind, dear man, yet I was short with him: he didn’t deserve that. No one does. But – again – I did not bully him. In fact, the club we…[Read more]

  • As usual I have drunk my morning caffetterie coffee. I have also put on a load of laundry and am airing out my apartment. I gave myself a French manicure this morning, too. I have also been browsing* the Internet, as I do.

    Have a peaceful Sunday, everyone.

    *Using the term “surfing” [the Internet] is old and tacky.

  • A song that helps people heal is R.E.M’s “Everybody Hurts”. No one is alone with their pain. We can ALL heal. It doesn’t happen overnight, but we can find hope for tomorrow.

    I write this for anyone in an abusive relationship. Pick up the phone and call that helpline. You don’t have to be a victim: you can be a survivor. And you have the right to…[Read more]

  • I cut my nails super-short this morning. I took old nail polish off last night: it took ages to do so. The glitter was incredibly adhesive and took twice as long to remove. Still, they were worth painting their midnight glitter a few days ago.

    Give your nails some TLC! Even if you don’t paint them, follow these steps:

    1. Remove old nail polish if…

    [Read more]

  • Teaching young people about kindness is the right move. You’re obviously a kind person yourself. As for others having wisdom: that doesn’t arrive for a long time in anyone’s life. At least for me. I was never a bully or anything, but I could be mean. And I regret that deeply. I had been short with my old friend – and always in my heart – Michael.…[Read more]

  • I am browsing the Internet and drinking my caffetterie coffee, which has cooled down now. I shall be showering shortly and putting on a load of laundry. As for the rest of the day: it’ll be eating lunch at my dad’s house and helping my sister cook dinner. I don’t know what we’re having yet. I am sure it’ll be delicious, though!

    It is damp and…[Read more]

  • Computer technology has greatly advanced since 1983, hasn’t it? I was a young child then, so had no access to a computer. It was only in 1999 I gained access to one. I do often feel nostalgia to the old computer programmes and design. I love modern design still but look back with good memories.

    I could not live without my computer today:

    1. I pay…

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  • I had my first computer in 1999. Back then the Internet wire was a long white one that stretched across the dining room [where the computer sat] floor and was plugged into the router. We always had to unwind and rewind the wire. I LOVED that computer, though. But my dad upgraded and upgraded throughout the years. I wrote my novella “Realm of…[Read more]

  • I need my hair cut, rebeccajpand. The problem is I am not allowed into a hairdressers. That puts a spanner in the works. I would love having a bob again: I do love having short hair.

    Anyhow, I did do the cleaning yesterday: it took two hours but was totally worth it. I shall always clean my apartment on a regular basis. I am airing out my home…[Read more]

  • You and me are cut from the same cloth, rebeccajpand: I love books myself. I read and read and read. I could read books forever. In fact, I love books so much, I write them myself. I have a new poetry book called “Child Of The Universe” published my I read my copy yesterday: the poems really stand out. I also have other books published…[Read more]

  • KitKatKitty replied to the topic what's for dinner? in the forum General Chat 2 days ago

    Yesterday I ate turkey steaks with marie rose sauce and hash browns. It was particularly delicious!

    Today we are having fish. It’ll be haddock flaked with risotto rice. We’ve had it loads of times over the years. If you’re interested than it would be worth you making. Plus, you can add boiled eggs onto your dinner plate. This adds extra…[Read more]

  • I have drunk my caffetterie coffee. I have also put on a load of laundry and am browsing the Internet. I am listening to a Girls Aloud CD ATM. I shall be doing the cleaning later today. Oh: I have given myself a manicure, using a midnight blue glitter. It’s gorgeous.

    I absolutely LOVE nails. I cannot get enough of nail polish. I have always been…[Read more]

  • I loathe to be debt to anyone: whether a person, business or company. I pay ALL my bills. I pay ALL money I owe to the odd person. I like to pay for myself. I don’t freeload, either. I pay mostly for everything myself: and always will. Having Internet Banking and a debit card mean I get to stay in control of my finances. I REFUSE to have a credit…[Read more]

  • I have re-registered with ASDA and changed my password. This means ASDA are now aware of my account with them and will spot unusual activity, if that situation arises.

    Thank you all for your advice: it has helped. I don’t agree about spelling “received” wrong, though: and I don’t mean that nastily, SpinningJen. I do think a major brand and…[Read more]

  • Girls Aloud’s “Sound Of The Underground” from 2003. A classic pop album that will never age.

    I LOVED Girls Aloud: and still do.

  • You’ve raised an interesting point, rebeccajpand: when I was younger I found the more I tried to fit in, the more I stood out. It’s a paradox. You try to be normal, but in doing so, actually become abnormal. The other kids see this and mock you. A lot of people do maintain normality in their lives: and not just in their school days. But those kids…[Read more]

  • I accessed am ASDA online shopping page. OK, it seemed all legit. But there were a few red flags:

    1. The word “received” was mis-spelt with “recieved”. That may seem trival, but a major supermarket mis-spelling such an easy word to write sounds dodgy to me.
    2. Also, they had a WorldPay box that I re-typed my card details in and it said “there was…

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  • Mathematics is actually really enjoyable. I have spent hours doing various sums and equations.

    If you’re interested in something – whether maths or a different subject – why not pursue it yourself? You could paint or write or build. If you’re rubbish at something, learn it so you’re not rubbish anymore. This will build your confidence and make…[Read more]

  • I do think low self esteem can contribute to domestic abuse. The key to getting someone to leave an abusive relationship is to build their self esteem and confidence. Making them feel good about themselves is vital to helping them. Saying “Why don’t you just leave him?” won’t result in anything positive. Victims need emotional support and no…[Read more]

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