• I simply cannot cope without chocolate. Tomorrow I will be buying myself a Mars Bar to curb the craving. I know this sounds dramatic, but I really cannot live without chocolate.

    Strange but true!

  • I painted my nails today: I used a iridescent pink colour. It is gorgeous!

  • I’ve been on the telephone all evening! I spoke to three of my friends. I wished them a Happy Easter and just had a chat with them.

    Friends do stick by each other: and I am glad to have people in my life who care. I shall definitely be meeting up with them after my two jabs. I guess all-in-all it’s been a good day!

  • I was in the kitchen with my sister cooking: from 2pm to gone 5pm. It has been a long day. But now I am on my computer, working hard. I do keep busy.

    Have a happy Easter everyone!

  • Self care is very important to me. I shall always look after myself: both with beauty products and with my social/personal life.

  • I had around 20 password reset emails today. I deleted them*, which is not a problem. But it is a problem if someone keeps trying to reset all our passwords. Because I certainly don’t want to leave this forum: as you can tell from my number of posts, I love it here.

    I hope we can all overcome this glitch and keep the forum going.

    Just to note,…[Read more]

  • I have recently [today] cleaned my bathroom and kitchen. I am airing out my apartment ATM. I also took out old flowers: they hadn’t bloomed and didn’t smell very nice. They’re gone now: in the bin outside with the other rubbish.

    I shall be going grocery shopping in 30 minutes time. I have various items I need to buy.

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  • I’m sorry to hear that, Emily. I am thinking of you.

  • KitKatKitty replied to the topic Maid in Manhattan in the forum Hobbies & Leisure 8 months ago

    That kind of film isn’t my personal cup of tea, but I’ve no doubt of its quality.

    I am rather selective of which films I watch and avoid deep, hard adult movies. I don’t like dark, violent material: I find no enjoyment in watching such films. However, I do like Jackie Chan. BUT – again – dark, violent films I absolutely steer clear of. I also…[Read more]

  • I do 100%. I am addicted.

    I painted my nails red today: they look gorgeous. I am forever switching up my nail polish. This is my way of giving myself manicures:

    1. Remove old nail polish
    2. Cut nails down short with nail scissors
    3. File nails to get rid of jaggedy edges
    4. Clean nails with soap and a nail brush
    5. Always use hand cream
    6. Use a clear…

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  • I have drunk my caffetterie coffee. I just don’t see the point of a huge coffee machine: especially in a fairly small apartment. I have also painted my nails a gorgeous ladybird red. I have updated my accounts and food diary: I am vigilant about this. I shall be cleaning my bathroom and kitchen later today.

    I am keeping busy! Oh: I am also still…[Read more]

  • Salad dressing seems the key to jazzing up the daily salad! I do love cheese myself [although not goat’s cheese] : hot shredded bacon also sounds delicious.

    I actually prepare my sister her work lunch every week. Her salad consists of:

    1. Shredded lettuce
    2. Halved cherry tomatoes
    3. Thinly sliced cucumber
    4. Diced bell peppers
    5. Prawns

    My sister…[Read more]

  • KitKatKitty replied to the topic Maid in Manhattan in the forum Hobbies & Leisure 8 months ago

    I cannot watch hard-hitting or political films. I always stick to children’s films or just romantic comedies [rather than rom-coms]. I like films such as:

    1. Coyote Ugly
    2. Honey
    3. The Reading Room
    4. Behind The Mask
    5. Daughter Of The Streets
    6. Maid in Manhattan
    7. Pretty Woman
    8. The Devil Wears Prada
    9. The Greatest Showman
    10. Miracles of Heaven

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  • This thread is to start tomorrow.

    I cannot believe it’ll be April tomorrow: where does time go? Anyhow, I thought I would start this thread today and wait for Thursday for everyone to reply and contribute.

    In the meantime, enjoy your Wednesday!

  • …One of my favourite films. The next film on my agenda is “The Wedding Planner”. There are a number of other films I am planning to watch, too. Some are children’s films: like “Minions” and “Epic” among others. I have watched “Beauty & The Beast” [with Emma Watson] a few times. That film is another of my favourites.

    Anyhow, what films are on…[Read more]

  • I suppose the right salad wouldn’t be bland and boring. The old style salads of lettuce and tomatoes are so dull, though. I need flavour in my food. But I do agree with you. And I have just thought that using salad dressing might jazz up the meal. Having cubes of cheese, a few slices of quiche, a few boiled eggs, prawns… That kind of salad is…[Read more]

  • I know how good at art you are, SpinningJen. I think it will be wonderful when your art group resumes! I am looking forward to my social group re-opening in a month or two. I’ve missed it terribly and want to go back. There are just so many lovely memories and I often wish myself back there. Especially with losing Michael to a head injury and…[Read more]

  • I gave my apartment a clean. Yesterday I cleaned my bathroom and kitchen. Today I put on a load of laundry and took out the rubbish & recycling. I also aired out my apartment and hoovered. I really do look after my home. Oh: I am also decluttering. I just don’t want junk and mess in my home.

    Anyhow, I shall be eating dinner in an hours time: I…[Read more]

  • My friend loves her new handbag! It isn’t as large as it could’ve been, but she loves its colour and design. She really, really loves it. I am rather pleased about this, considering it cost a fair amount!

    Anyhow, March will be over soon. I shall post a new thread when this month ends.

    Have a nice night, everyone!

  • I have decided – within the next two years – to travel around the world. I have decided to do this through tour groups, rather than alone. I feel travelling on one’s own is awfully dangerous. If you’re part of a tour group that travels – say from Greece to Spain – then you are much, much safer. I would not risk travelling on my own. I’d have a…[Read more]

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