• I like to use public transport when on holiday as it usually means a long drive to get there which leaves me fed up of the car. It’s a good way of getting a feel of life locally and can be easier, particularly now roads are very crowded and differing local restrictions for cars are in force. Most places have tourist tickets which cover a set…[Read more]

  • It’s good that you are able to chat like that Kitty. Many places are a bit cut throat and one would take a big risk being too open. With my many years in the NHS I found things went from being able to be reasonably open about things to having to cover your back with almost any move, and the ‘Whistle Blowing policy’ was not worth the paper it was…[Read more]

  • I think I am quite similar Cassandra and, I think have mentioned I walk to suppress depression. I used to look forward to bright sunny Januaries which we no longer have.  At least the days are getting longer now.

  • I have always found it difficult to tell who is really thinking what and who has said what in these situations. My approach would be to treat situations calmly and be more of an observer at your next meeting(s). See if you can get a feel for what is wrong without raising any kind of issue about it. Relationships are complex, especially so if more…[Read more]

  • I think they got upset one time we were buying a new car. The kids wandered off and were playing in one of their showroom models while we were discussing terms. They did not want to get too heavy handed in case we pulled out but they were not damaging anything and were safely out of the way so I was not going to get sidetracked. Because of this…[Read more]

  • I am glad your dog is Ok Cassandra.


  • I do hope not Kitty! Please don’t make assumptions and wait for tests. I know that even a few years ago I used to have a very sweet tooth and had lots of chocolate plus very sweet tea and coffee. These days I have changed but do notice that I am still unusual in having sugar in drinks. Most I know have stopped. It may well be that you don’t have…[Read more]

  • I think that the feminist thing may be like a red rag to a bull and attract attention. I do agree with Kitty in that such men are cowards. They are somtimes of similar attitude to rapists who like to show their power but are often very cowardly and don’t understand or even try to understand how to relate to people.

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    It sounds like a typical winter bug Kitty. You will feel better in a few days. I hope sooner rather than later. Take care x


  • I would suggest furniture that is robust and practical. You don’t want to be frustrated by cheap flatpack things that are always falling apart. One point to consider is whether you are working in isolation or whether you are inviting clients into your premises and so will have to showcase your office. In that case your office becomes part of the…[Read more]

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    I know the feeling lol.

  • Wonderful! Savour every moment. I am happy for you. Everyone deserves those moments.

  • Good luck with the scan!


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    Lovely photographs! How many bad ones do you get Mamie as well as these really good ones? I wonder as with my art references I take only about one in ten is of any use at all.

  • Funnily I had to really think about this. Sometimes I get really nostalgic, often even for things that I have never known, like when I play my 78’s from earlier times and imaging things from those times. I cannot possibly be remembering true events (at least not to me). Things happen at odd moment too, like when I was running beside a stray dog I…[Read more]

  • I do buy the ‘wonky’ veg at Morrsons as it is cheaper than the usual perfect examples. It is often worth looking on the discount shelves too although supermarkets have got wise and often don’t discount produce that is going out of date on the same day until late in that day.  After events such as Christmas it is worth looking for seasonal things…[Read more]

  • When I travelled a lot with work I burned lots of CD’s. I have compilations of lots of types of music, but don’t play them so much these days.

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    Where I live is very much like that. There are other parts closeby which are more wooded but only in small patches. In the other areas withing walking distance it is more hilly but nothing to speak of. It’s mostly arable land these days but there are some flocks of sheep and a few horses. Cows are getting pretty rare now.

    I love to get out around…[Read more]

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    “Dust catchers?” – It’s a common term here lol. I have had some pretty poor presents in the past. Nothing really too bad but there have been some things that I have never used. I know that it is complicated to choose presents for lots of people at the same time.  I think the only things I have received which were secondhand have been old art…[Read more]

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    It looks lovely there Cassandra! It reminds me of yesterday. I visited someone on the fens east of Peterborough here in the UK. The road I travelled on had only just recently been opened and there were still flooded fields, complete with Swans, on either side. More like wetlands! The rain has taken it’s toll. Here is a fairly recent one of me…[Read more]

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